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Battlewraith Art


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Hey peeps, 


I'm organizing a casual pvp event on Excelsior server. The idea is to get a group of farmers, each of which will have a team of door sitters who start as brand new level one characters. As the teams level, they will face of against the other teams at specific intervals (eg. 1, 20, 38, 50). The only enhancements participants will be allowed to use are SOs. No incarnates, no IOs.

So you can hang out, have crazy lowbie pvp brawls, and get an alt farmed to 50. It's also a great opportunity to play characters that aren't good for the current high end pvp meta: warshades, controllers, scrappers, etc.


I'm also offering custom 3d printed character busts for the farmers/team captains. There are more details, as well as a sample of what a bust might be like,  in the "Hitters and Sitters" thread in the Excelsior section of the forums.

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4 hours ago, EnnVee said:


Here is my twisted little farmer girl - Sanitarium !

Is she on Excelsior? If not can she or another farmer move there? EVERY captain that participates will get a 3d printed bust of their character. You don't have to win the event or anything to get that prize.

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Hey guys, 


I'm getting ready to launch my webcomic, which includes some of my coh characters. Kind of brainstorming elements for banners and whatnot. Here's an icon of my first OC battlewraith who eventually makes an appearance, so I thought I'd post it here:



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1 hour ago, Trike said:

Intriguing combination of elements: Devil horns, angel halo, and a miner’s hat. Sounds like a fascinating backstory in the works.

Thanks for looking! She's actually inspired by a Tom Waits song called Such a Scream.

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I've got an invite to the Midjourney beta a while back. It's one of the AI art programs that creates imagery based on a prompt you give it. I thought I'd see if it could do something inline with my OC. I gave it the prompt "beautiful blond devil girl holding a flaming skull." I shouldn't have said "girl" because it actually took that literally. Also for some reason instead of "holding a flaming skull" it added skull features to her face. Despite the distortions, it kicked out some interesting imagery:



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