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Okay, I've tried this with multiple items during multiple sessions (although always on the 64-bit client), and it's consistent. When I get an object that is lying down, such as a floor piece, statue base, etc, and I try and angle it so it is upright, I cannot get the piece to align at a 90 degree angle (upright) facing south. It will align facing north, at which point I swivel it around so it's facing south, but this is an annoying extra step. I've tried it at all angle snaps, thinking somehow I was maybe going too fast to get that angle that's between slightly under and slightly over rotated, but nope. That angle does not seem to exist, if I'm rotating the north side of the object to the top, so the object's top is now facing south.


I hope this is clear...I tried to take pictures to illustrate, but the print screen function didn't seem to work this time (I took pictures  yesterday with the same settings, outside of the base, and it worked fine).



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