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List of missions related to night ward / continuation of praetoria?

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Im not sure where to ask this, but I recently finished the first and night ward arcs but could have sworn there are more missions after "The Magician" that deal with the malaise mental hospital  as well as the shadow hunter.


After finishing the arcs, I started the procost Marchand arcs as well and I feel I missed out on something too! The enemies there are very different, and you are working with the defense force to fight the devouring earth. Did I miss a story arc going into how that happened?


I guess what I am looking for is like, a guide to how each contact or arc leads to another for the "canon" experience.  Is there such a thing?

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Some of the Incarnate arcs at 50 touch on some of that -- Vetrano's especially, I think.



As for chronological order of the Praetoria arcs, it mostly lines up with the chronological order in which the arcs/trials were released, though not completely.  Roughly something like this, but this list is from memory so I could be getting some of it wrong.


1. Original 40+ hero Praetoria arcs (Tina, Maria...)

2. Praetoria 1-20

3. Praetoria First Ward + Night Ward

4. New 40+ hero Praetoria arcs (Tina, Maria...)

5. Roy Cooling's arc

6. Apex TF

7. Sutter TF

8. Tin Mage TF

9. BAF / Lambda trials

10. Keyes trial
11. Underground trial

12. TPN trial

13. MoM trial

14. Dark Astoria arcs (+ personal stories)

15. DD trial

16. Belladonna Vetrano's arc (+ personal story)

17. Magisterium trial

18. Number Six's arc (+ personal story)

19. I24 arcs from Marchand and Mr. G

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