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Homecoming Community Meet and Greet at EGX London - 19th October

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You have partied with your fellow capes in Pocket D and now is your chance to socialize with them in Real Life. On Saturday 19th of October whilst EGX is on you can join us for a London Community Meet and Greet at The Merchant in Canary Wharf from 4pm onwards.  If you have any questions then feel free to DM me on Discord or respond here and I'll be happy to help.


If Traveling from Excel to the Venue you can use the following guide. One train journey and a bit of walking.



Travel Details Below

By Bus
Buses stopping on North Colonnade (a two minute walk from the pub) include the 134, 277, D3, D7, D8 and N550.

By Tube
Our nearest tube stop is Canary Wharf. Exit and follow the signs for Cabot Square, before walking down the steps to West India Quay. We're just on the right.

By Train
From Canary Wharf Underground or Canary Wharf DLR station, head northbound along Chancellor Passage towards the North Dock. Heron Quays and West India Quay are also within 8 minutes’ walk.

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Would loved to come  but i'm down in Brighton have to work saturdays. Think about doing a sunday and I'm there. ( or come to Brighton  The EX Home of Cryptic/paragon Studios UK)

There's only three alternatives: it thinks we're either a threat, food or a mate.... It's either gonna kill us, eat us or hump us.

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I was at the meet and greet and enjoyed a fascinating discussion.

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So was I, tysm guys for this time together 😉❤️



GM Azerty

Maître de jeu français - French Game Master

City of Heroes Homecoming


[Version française] Retrouvez les règles ainsi que leur traduction dans la section Reunion du forum. Pour une assistance en jeu, vous pouvez soit cliquer sur "Menu" puis "Support", soit entrer la commande /petition ; soit soumettre un ticket via cette page dédiée du forum (merci d'utiliser uniquement l'un de ces moyens : les réponses par email ne peuvent être vues et ne sont donc pas traitées). Merci de noter qu’une issue favorable puisse ne pas être trouvée si le jeu fonctionne tel que prévu. Pour mieux connaître et comprendre le jeu, Paragon Wiki, le Discord Vigilance de la communauté francophone, ainsi que notre Discord et notre forum sont à votre disposition.

[English versionHere are the the rules and their translation in the Reunion section of the forumFor any assistance in game, you can either click on "Menu" and "Support", or enter the command /petition ; or submit a ticket through this dedicated page of the forum (please only use one of these means : responses through mails are unseen and therefore can't be treated). Please note that a solution may not be found if the game is working as intended. To acquire a better knowledge and understanding of the game, Paragon Wiki, as well as our Discord and our forum are at your disposal.

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