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Short Circuit, question for Elec Blast Sentinels

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  Hey folks,


So I've got an Elec^2 Sentinel with whom I'm quite happy.  She's a refreshing change of pace from my Elec^3 Blaster. But I noticed something late last night, and wanted some feedback before I made any changes.


On the aforementioned Blaster, I always used Short Circuit slotted for End Drain instead of damage, figuring I had enough other attacks slotted for damage that I could use the utility there.  But by definition the Sentinel is a bit leaner in availability of attacks, so I'm trying to be more "efficient" with her.  While I was in Mids last night, I realized that Sentinels' damage value for SC, well I won't call it great damage, but it's not nothing.  It's almost the same value as Rad Blast.Irradiate is for Sentinels, and you wouldn't slot Irradiate just for Def Debuff.


So I guess what I'm asking is: for those of you playing Elec/* Sentinels, are you slotting SC for damage in the manner of a standard PBAOE attack?


Thanks for your time.


Later on,


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Has Mids updated the damage scale of Sentinel's yet?  The last version I used still has their damage listings lower than they actually are. 


I've also never been that fond of endurance sapper builds in general so I really can't comment on building for it.

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I don't know from an update to mids' numbers.  By the time I noticed this last night I was nearly incoherent with fatigue.


Sapper tactics, I don't use them all the time but I find more use for them than some other folks do.

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I slot SC for damage. It does roughly the same damage as Fireball-type powers, and the Homecoming version has been buffed, with much faster ticks.


On top of that, as the only PBAoE for elec blast and with a 20s recharge, it's a natural fit for the Armageddon chance for fire proc and Fury of the Gladiator -res proc. This makes for even greater damage and a good chance at softening things up.


Now that Thunderous Blast is crashless, draining a full bar of end is a simple matter of opening a fight with your full AoE arsenal.  The only problem I have with sapping is that everything tends to be dead by the time you've used Aim -> BL -> TB -> BL -> SC -> BL.

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