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Contacts never selling enhancements

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So I was giving this a week since I just started, playing and all but I think should report this oddness. Every contact in the game for me currently never sells any enhancements at all. They all sell just inspirations and nothing else same as the hospital stuff, but it's been surreal having every mission contact I talk to talk about all the enhancements they will give me now but every time I meet them in person they offer none even when the arc is long over and help chat was less than helpful to say the least about it. This has happened even with alts and for every single contact not just one or two.



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go to kings road and look for the specialty stores magic,natural, etc. or try university and make your own SO's


IIRC, it's Steel Canyon that has the first origin-specific stores; I don't remember KR as having anything but the Freedom Corps vendors selling TOs near Blue Steel.

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Steel Canyon and Skyway City both had Origin aligned vendor stores to buy enhancements at.

The whole idea of going to your Contacts to buy enhancements turned out to be something of a dud that was rendered superfluous by later updates to the game.


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