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A Question from The Homecoming Team

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I am with most others. i would like to see more content (new power sets, new travel powers, new costume parts, new weapon skins, new story arcs)

I would like to see more customization of forms (ie: like customization of Peacebringer and warshade forms, more than just the colors. and customization of full body armors, like granite armor.)


Also if a subscription service is put in place with limits, that those limits are not applied to existing characters. And that our current characters are not lost in the process, having to start over again would upset a lot of people.



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I wouldn't mind some ui/control changes, not too much, just to make things slightly more familiar for those who are coming to CoH from modern MMOs.


(I am aware of binds that are useful, but it'd be nice if some of the more common ones, like double space to activate/deactivate flight had options you could just checkmark)

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To echo what some others have said, I'd love to see the whole Coming Storm story advanced. I left the game before the Incarnate system was added, and came back and played through the whole story all over, including the new Incarnate/Dark Astoria stuff, and now I am sad that it never got finished, because it seemed to be going someplace interesting.


Related to that, possibly, to finish Kallisti Wharf. It's a beautiful zone, just a shame it's lacking any real content.


I'd like to see a graphical overhaul with some of the textures. Nothing to change the aesthetics much, just bring them more in line with modern resolutions


Soem new costume pieces would be nice. I'd really like some fur collars  that can be used with the assorted coats, or some more 'civilian' type clothing for secret identities or non-costumed characters, personally.


I'd like a respec-lite added where you just rearrange your slots. There have been times, including right now on my main, where i wish i could just move ONE slot to a different power, but the prospect of doing a full respec and redoing all my trays and everything is... ugh, the stray slot can stay, I'll do without that defense bonus.

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Besides the obvious New Content™, I'd like to see some old content made more relevant and/or less repetitive, such as:

  • some old TFs get the Positron treatment
  • more ways to obtain the passive accolades, right now I feel forced to run a lot of repetitive content on all of my alts (TF Commander, Maria Jenkins arc)
  • improving some less used power pools (most notably Presence)
  • improving some of the less used primary/secondary powers that are showing their age (e.g. Ice Armor)
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Sunsinger - Fire/Time Corruptor

Cursebreaker - TW/Elec Brute

Coldheart - Ill/Cold Controller

Mythoclast - Rad/SD Scrapper


Give a man a build export and you feed him for a day, teach him to build and he's fed for a lifetime.

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What I would love to see if Homecoming got the "blessing" from NCSoft....


  1. No fear of Shutdown due to legal issues.
  2. Game remains Free to play and expenses are covered by donations (current model).
  3. Ability to bring the game up to modern standards without breaking it (64 bit client is a GOOD step in this direction).
  4. Ability to have some in-game mods.  Not the Hundreds of ones in WOW but maybe a few select developer apps (HeroStats, Badges, etc).
  5. New content once all of the above is done.  🙂
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Matt Miracle

Covenant of Honor - Excelsior

A.W.O.L. (formerly on Liberty Live Server).

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Endurance issues with many of the power sets. Either reduce end cost to make them viable for extended fights or add a new Epic or Pool Power set that includes another Stamina-like option.


Endless possibilities for content. Paragon City is located in Rhode Island so what about the rest of Earth? Open up a European location, perhaps at the border junction of Germany/France/Switzerland. Australia? Brazil?


Assault the Rikti homeworld epic story arc? 


Better pvp balance so a Support could go one on one with a Tank or Melee. Maybe a pvp Pool Power set?


Edit: The Teleport super move could function differently with the map open. Hover over the map and teleport to the selected location in zone. The cursor could be green if you have the endurance to travel that far or red if it's too far.

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6 hours ago, ed fray said:


SERVER STABILITY!  Without it you'll have a City of Ghosts.



Has your experience been otherwise?  For me, Homecoming servers have been rock-solid since the beginning, with the exception of scheduled maintenance, and updates.

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What was no more, is REBORN!

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Big question:


Stability - Knowing that the game is secure for years to come. This doesn't just mean getting ink to paper with NCSoft, but ensuring the long-term viability of the HC team. Is your architecture flexible enough to manage a changing population? Can the team continue to function if person X loses interest and leaves? What if there's a falling out between Y and Z, what will ensure that the project continues?

Polish - This isn't a hacked pirate server anymore. It's the real deal. I don't disagree with many of the tweaks that were made, but let's make it seem natural. A P2W vendor?  Why not some sort of hero corps/arachnos requisitions officer? Make it feel like it should be part of the game, not a cheat menu with legs. Have the trainers guide us there at level 4-ish. Same with Prestige. Either make it a thing that matters or get rid of all mention of it. Make the game look like it's working as intended.

Vision - There are probably 250 different player suggestions in this thread for what they want for the game. We all have our ideas for how the game should grow and change. Yes, there are a few who want the servers to be an unchanging museum display, forever capturing the game when they considered it to be "perfect", but I'm not one of them. If this comes to pass, the future of the game is going to be in your hands, so I want you to have a vision for the next several years. How will gameplay change? The next story line is kinda already laid out for us in existing lore. It'd be a bit jarring for Battalion to just not show up after all the foreshadowing, but what actually happens when they do? And then after that? Do we follow the AMA breadcrumbs or is there a new direction that we want to go? I can't wait to find out.

Transparency - Of course. Your team has been doing great with this so far. There's always going to be someone who wants more, but you're being remarkably open and straightforward, IMO.

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Something I'd like to see, but is unlikely to happen is: Tool Integration.


In it's most basic form, the need for Tequila (and it's variants) goes away as the launcher can work without it. Plus offline tools like Mid's and Icon, and online tools like Paragon Wiki and Virtueverse, can call API-equivalents to update their systems straight out of the database. No more forcing the developers of Mid's to guess what the power settings are for anything, and having a way for your characters 'web-page' auto-update with badges and the like.


One thought that amuses me, is reversing the integration as well. All those Information Terminals? Have them be in-game access to the various tools. 😉



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I have another suggestion and I'm sure this can be done easily....


Add a build planner to the launcher. Most private servers I've played on have some sort of a talent calculator built in AND they have a direct link to the forums for you to post or see what others have come up with. That way the community doesn't have to worry about who is making these unofficial calculators and the devs will keep us all safe by having a one-stop shopping kind of thing.

Maybe incorporate Mid's builder since it looks like that's a pretty popular one or just come up with one. That way the devs can update and maintain it for the community.

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“Destiny dressed you this morning my friend, and now fear is trying to pull off your pants. If you give up, if you give in, then you're gonna end up naked with fear just standin' there laughing at your dangling unmentionables.”
― The Tick

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Well.  This could be a can of worms.  Anyway realistically I'm just happy with how the servers are running now, fixing bugs etc.  Buuuut, since you asked I'll throw in some "bigger" things I'd like to see.


1. I don't know the answer to this but I'd like to see an option to make a SG inter-server.  Maybe something where if you make a SG it internally becomes SGName-Torchbarer but there would be an option to make the SG span servers.  With that then if the SG wanted to do something instanced it wouldn't matter what server the members of the group was in, they'd all go to a separate instanced server.


2. More costume stuff.  Because - more.  You know.  No, I don't have a problem!  I'm fine!


3. Swinging travel power.  Just rip it off of Champions Online.  I'm sure they won't mind.


4. Hope you're sitting down for this one: moving the game to a updated graphics engine.  I know, I know but one can dream no?  I'm not holding my breath on this one so don't worry.

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More. More content (especially end-game), more powersets, more AT's.

Also, one of the things that keeps WoW players engaged are the events. Holiday events, weekly events. The fact that people have a calendar in-game to click on and see upcoming events allows those things to keep people engaged. Some kind of calendar function would be awesome!

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I agree with many of the above posters:


1. Non-profit

I love the current model where there is transparency of cost, and the game is non-profit. It feels like a true community effort to keep this game going. I believe this model could be sustained indefinitely.  A reasonable license fee to NCSoft could be added to the current cost load. 


2. Transparency

You've done a great job with this. Please don't stop. 


3. Tune-up then expand

Continue to fix the bugs and and address balance issues for some of the older powersets before attempting new content. Refresh the UI.  Content for Kallisti.

After that, I would love an expansion of the incarnate story line and an invasion of the Rikti homeworld sounds great. 


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I doubt I'll say anything that hasn't already been stated in the 15 pages prior.


1) Not to have to start over again

2) Not to have to worry about a shutdown of the game

3) Keep the 1000 toon slots per server


Anything else is gravy.  I'd love new costume options, asymmetric costuming, TF reworks, new TFs, more powerset proliferation, more new powers.  Those would just be sugar on top for me though.  

"Life is not about how fast you run or even with what degree of grace.  It's about perseverance, about staying on your feet and slogging forward no matter what." - Stormy Llewellyn

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1. /em Vomit. Yes, my sense of humor is that juvenile.



2. The ability to play as one of the NPC groups. (Maybe as an AT?) I'd love to be an Arachnoid, or a Hydra... a Ghoul... even if it means I am locked into one costume/gender, and have very limited powers.




3. NPC costume bits made available.



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On 9/7/2019 at 3:02 PM, Trashcake said:

I'd really love to see reskin options for Mastermind pets. Not necessarily full blown customizations, but a few options. Having group of thugs in coordinated outfits that match the character would be delightful.

and then they need to be able to break out into a full blown musical number like in West Side Story.


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I'd like to see expansion, not revolution.  Suggestions above that would drastically change the game worry me greatly.


While I agree with most folks that I would like to see more content, such as zones, arcs, or power sets, I am aware this could be a case of 'be careful what you wish for' because I don't have an idea of what the Homecoming devs' vision for the future is.  For the most part, I liked what the original devs wanted this game to be.  I don't really have a clue of where these devs would take it.  So I'd caveat my wish with a desire to first see a general direction.


I also like the idea someone had of revamping graphics for the older zones and mobs, a la Atlas Park or the Rikti and CoT back in the day.  Also love the idea of completing hanging threads, such as the Incarnate powers or the Coming Storm.


In addition, I'll echo the thanks to the devs for doing what they have done so far.  Thanks!

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Really, I believe that the Homecoming servers are pretty good as is, wouldn't want to change much.  Some additional customization options would be great, such as sound effects (dual pistols comes to mind, with lasers still making bang-bang sounds), not just visual options.  Would love to see the team able to sell billboard advertising in-game as well.

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Generally: I like how HC has been doing things.  The QoL changes are great.



  • Give Archery a niche.  Range, maybe.
  • Alternate, basic animations for the flashy sets like DB, DP, especially Staff.  I know a lot of people like those, but give me the option not to spin on my head.  Especially in hover.
  • Customizable and more MM pets.
  • A way to select an NPC to join on solo missions.  Could be a way to add content, do Sky Dragon's missions, unlock him as an optional companion.  Like Diablo II's companions basically.  Good for defenders, lowbie controllers.
  • I don't care if the Incarnate system gets finished, but I'd like to see it confined to incarnate content.  Nukes and pets for everyone doesn't make sense.  Tried to fight some zombies, they were continuously eradicated by judgement powers before I could target any.  It's dumb. 
  • More powersets and costume bits.  More ATs?
  • Third colors for pieces, more colors, maybe some minor effects like being able to override the textures.  For instance, the Justice costume would look cool if there was a metallic version.  Adding some very simple patterns and being able to set a second pattern would be a good use for a third color.  The costume editor is still one of the best parts of this game, and it would be cool to build on it a bit more.  I'd like to see things we can combine, giving a lot of variety, given at least as much attention as very specific niche costume pieces, as cool as those are.  A second aura would be nice too: why not smoke *and* fire?

The biggest change I'd like would be to revamp the maps.  The office maps are pretty silly.  Multiple floors of different sizes and shapes.  Weird design that any normal person would get lost in.  I'd really like to see maps generated on the fly in more normal dimensions so that it's not quite so much City of Weirdly Specific Office Buildings.  Also some work on the caves.  It's too easy to miss a side passage.  I would expect some sort of pathway in caves being used as lairs, which would help a lot visually.  Council might have something paved, CoT might have just dirt, but anything would be better than the current caves, which are very hard to navigate.  Don't get me wrong, I've loved this game since Issue 4 when I joined, but when I came back, I found the maps were the one thing that really stood out as wanting attention.


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