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A Question from The Homecoming Team


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  1. A team Mission Statement
  2. Full transparency wherever possible. 
  3. A long term publicly visible plan/goals (annual plan, 2 year plan, 5 year plan, etc.)
  4. "Completed" Incarnate Powers (at least for all of the named Incarnate slots) 
  5. A monthly "state of the game" post with information/stats and an update on how were doing on the plan VS. Where we thought we'd be.
  6. A plan for good AE missions/arcs to be folded into the actual game, a pathway for players to provide permanent content into the game's "Canon". 

That'd be a good start. 🙂

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The Coming Storm Storyline. Or other story arcs.


A New Zone. Or Kallisti Wharf -fully- Realized.


New Powersets. 


New ARCHETYPES which create new ways to save our city... or Damn it, depending on the character.


Villain Arcs in Paragon City. Hero Arcs in the Rogue Isles. Give Vigilantes a reason to go to the Isles and -stay- Vigilantes. Give Rogues reasons to go to Paragon and -stay- Rogues.

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I would like if the inspiration option "Combine 3 into..." allows you to also upgrade to the same color, 1 tier up. Say, combine 3 Insight into 1 Keen Insight.

Edit: I would also suggest that mastermind pets on your team/league have collisions with friendlies disabled.

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Definitely DONT want to see character wipes.. hehe.  Want to keep my current toons!


I would love to see new content, obviously.


Even if there aren't any new questlines added immediately.  Would like to see the progression of the story line and meta-arc.  

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I'd like to see an affordable game, with about four to sixteen times the login capacity of the current servers.

I will second the new content, emotes, graphics, and powersets.

I support new costume pieces, although my personal request is serpent-head.  I dislike making reptilian characters with just the beast head.

I support new archetypes, and perhaps the ability to make custom hero/villain balances.


New features I'd like to see:

Ability to join multiple guild-teams (many of the NPCs are multi-member, I'd like to have that same ability)

I'd like to have the ability to try rebuilding King's Row, including a dynamic gang spawn that allows us to collectively make ACTUAL SAFE STREETS.  I'm not saying permanent, and it would require maintenance, but I'd like to see some effect from street sweeping.


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Open Sourced Code and Free Licence for all CoH IP in non-for-profit ventures.


Basically, full access to everything for everyone, provided they are not out to make a profit.


I don't want to see a single entity 'own' CoH access - if HC gets it, the world should get it.

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The current baseline we have now, but with a moderate pipeline of future updates and modernizations. Introducing new powersets, diversifying existing ones, balance passes and improvements for unloved or uninteresting sets. New storyline content would be really nice, as would changes to the new-player (and new toon, because those aren't the same thing around here :V) experience. Primarily, just continued existence would be enough but growth is what I think we all want to see.

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While I love new content, honestly, I want to see more people playing it since for me it has felt very lonely so far. Content wise, more or updated faces and clothing. some clothes have amazing detail while some are literally bland. Most importantly though, no paywall. maybe have some cosmetics or something but never progression based. apologies for crappy sentences, I'm on a phone. 

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New content--story arcs, zones, and power sets.


More shapeshift forms than just cougar and coyote, more non combat flight powers, more prestige runs.


Revamp of some of the systems, like Incarnates, that are still a little clunky in the aftermath of switching from paid to free.


Plot progression. Redeem Galaxy City from the Shivan invasion so all those closed doors can lead somewhere again. Expand the Shadow Shard.

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If you liked what I had to say, please check out my City of Heroes guides!

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New content on a regular basis.  Content, here, meaning costume sets, new mission arcs at a variety of level ranges, zones, enemy groups, powersets and archetypes.  Would also like to see Mission Architect updated because it feels really, really outdated and clumsy to use at this point.  The interface takes forever to navigate and things pop open and closed in weird ways, making it hard to see what you have and haven't done.  Some sort of out-of-game editor for it would be nice.


Also the ability to use NPC costume parts on player characters.  Or force 'invalid' costumes to load into the game.  I know we can do stuff like use Titan Weapons melee weapons on Staff Fighting characters if the game would just let us force the costume settings instead of throwing the error message at us.  There's more sliders, like the Arm Size one that also are functional and visible to other players when used but the game tries to reset whenever you log out.  This stuff should be made usable, maybe in some sort of advanced costume editor mode?

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I’d like to see the badge system fleshed out a bit... sorting, searching and a way to list missing badges to reduce the need for external tracking tools.


Some integration APIs would be nice too for getting our character data out, like build information, what badges you have, etc. There’s a ton of cool community content we could build off the back of some simple APIs.

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Firstly, I'd like the content that's already in the game to be refined. Before adding new content, get rid of all the unnecessary junk and make sure the content that's already in the game is working properly. For example, I think there are already too many archetypes and power sets in the game, and a lot of that content isn't properly balanced. And I think adding new archetypes or power sets will just compund the problem and clutter the game. Secondarily, I'd like to see new zones, missions, and activities, released at an even pace so that it will work properly.


And to a more complicated point, I think the progression in the game is terrible compared to other MMO's. The player doesn't transition smoothly between zones or missions. And I think the enhancement system needs to be modified or accented by an additional system, similar to loot.

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Would love to see other origin power pools completed besides sorcery.  Love to see some of the other power sets that weren't completed like wind control released.  More Incarnate Slots! More Storyline content. new epic archetypes. (why not shoot for the moon).  Graphic updates! Better Fingers! MORE! :).  (seriously though, love ya guys and all the hard work you do! 😉 ) 

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  • Retired Lead Game Master

Hey guys! Here is a compilation of suggestions on a few topics from our weekly discussion. If you would like to participate in the weekly discussion, head over the discord under the City of Heroes category and check the pinned post for the weekly topic. 


Weekly discussion 10: Base Week
What the community would like to see:
•    An options to turn prestige back on
•    P2w vendor
•    Merit vendor *npc*
•    Opening doors
•    Ability to costume npcs/Name them
•    Apartments
•    Floating animations for objects
•    Copy and paste feature
•    Higher limit to plot placement
•    Ability to limit horizontal movement to one axis
•    Ability to lock items in place
•    Work on Water/Fountain/Waterfall Effects
•    Ability to size items
•    Ability to place items more efficiently in hallways
•    Ability to save a set of assembled items/Ability to multi-move a set of items


•    Shipping containers
•    More tintable objects! 
•    High rise cranes
•    Futuristic monorail train
•    Salvage racks/enhancement racks with more space/different aesthetics 
•    Recipie racks!
•    Empty shelves
•    Cargo Ships / More vehicles 
•    More Staircase options
•    Building block pieces 
•    Curved Glass/ More glass options
•    More pillar options
•    More lettering options
•    Signs/Plaques
•    Namable NPCS
•    Empty weapon/display cases/lab equipment


Weekly discussion 11: Frankentypes 
•    MM / DPS (LOTS of MM talk!)
•    Paladin Tank Primary / Support 
•    Ranged Tank Tank Primary / Ranged Secondary
•    Tank Primary / Control 
•    Support/Melee – Melee/Support
•    OP FotY Support/Support


Weekly discussion 12: Costume and Character Creation Ideas

Costumes Generic:
•    Long Skirt / Robe Bottoms
•    More male / Female Hairstyles
•    More Colors
•    Weapon Holsters
•    More tails
•    More chest symbols!
•    Auras with more than one color option
•    More reptile/Aquatic options
•    More Weapon options for guns!
•    Royal themed items
•    More body types!
•    More Hat options – with and without hair!
•    More monster heads!
•    More unhuman body parts!
•    Arm wings!
•    More hoodie options
•    Jewelry options!
•    Stealth to not interfere with costumes


Costume Specific:
•    Sybil / Desdaemona
•    Apply patterns to fur
•    AV Costume Pieces 
•    Legacy Costume Pieces
•    Ability to color eyes
•    Crey Armor
•    PPD Brickstown Outfits
•    Freakshow parts!
•    Coral Details
•    Rikti parts!


Weekly discussion 13: AE

•    Making all current powersets available to bad boys
•    Player made Safeguard/Mayhem missions
•    Incarnate level missions
•    More abstract missions (Like Summer Blockbuster)
•    New Enemy poses
•    AE Wishlist from VonBoom: <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lH3-wrEcUcNAAa1_tR4vx782lvEiGZ-02qAVywtzJRo/edit>
•    WS/PB options
•    Power Color customization for mobs
•    Make your own maps
•    Tutorial mission arc
•    Make female/male options open to all characters.
•    Working on customized dialogue
•    Giant Monsters
•    More customizable difficulty
•    Being able to change the in-mission music
•    Minigames like ski-slopes
•    More recent maps
•    Mission map has native allies that turn at some point – like Prae maps
•   Mission entrances outside of the AE?


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Contact me on Discord (Miss#1337) for a faster response!


Want more information on lore pets?


Want to get involved in our weekly discussions on discord or the forums?

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