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A Question from The Homecoming Team

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1 hour ago, wcubero383 said:

Why don't we have access to all the costume pieces used for villain NPCs?

Generally because they're custom art, not costume pieces.  That is, they're not designed to work with character customization system.

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I think it might be cool if there was a chance that crafted enhancements could be drops from some enemies.  I'm not sure what drop rate you'd want here, but it would be nice to have a fully crafted set enhancement to actually drop from an enemy.  Perhaps the chance could be lower vs a recipe, but it would still be nice.

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Page 26, Post 3.
When I first read https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/10784-another-update-from-the-homecoming-team/ , my apparently dyslexic self thought "Issue 26, Page 3" was a reference to the post in this very slot.  But since this thread was only on page 21 at the time, I reread that other post and realized my error.


I am very glad to hear of the commitment to the express goal of Homecoming remaining 100% free, not-for-profit, and donation-driven.  At the end of the day, this is the best news, frankly . . . but I know that my deep-seated passion for this game, and game development in general, leads me to want more.  I'm not demanding it as a need, and as privileged as I am, it's not entitlement which compels me to say:  I want Homecoming to be the best it can!


I've said it before in various places, but from my own personal experiences in the games industry, and life in general, I think that Homecoming offers all of us a nearly unique opportunity for positive, progressive change.  We can be the example which leads others to strive for a healthier development cycle.  We can be the community that works cooperatively to make our game something others look to as an exemplar.  We can be the gold-standard of the best player-driven MMORPG experience that others seek to emulate.
And we can do that by leaning in to City of Heroes' greatest strengths:  Player Agency and Choice.


We offer players the opportunity to make their characters uniquely their own.  We offer the community tools to shape their interactions.  These are what make City of Heroes the compelling and personal experience which so many are invested in.  What so many people furiously defended and cried out for during the Sunset Years.  What so many flocked to when the Whistle was Blown, and who keep coming back home as more people discover Homecoming.  We can read about their personal stories of how this game changed their lives in these forums and in so many other places online.  We can plainly see the sense of dedication and determination which so many people have for City of Heroes.

Maybe I'm seeing things that aren't really there; the community as a whole will need to verify or deny my claims, but I genuinely believe this game's greatest strengths are all the things which set it apart from "traditional" or "marketable" MMOs.  The paradigms of the corporate publisher system do not have our best interests at heart.  We can not afford to assume any of their "best practices" or "mandatory requirements" are legitimate.  We must re-evaluate those assumptions; determine their legitimacy as each individually applies to us.  We need to blaze our own path.  The opportunity has presented itself:  We now have the power to lead our own City of Heroes direction.


Since we're all human, and as humans we make mistakes, I strongly encourage the development of multiple subcommunities.  Multiple servers.  Connected by the greater community's passion for this game.  The best way to insulate City of Heroes from any future failures is to diversify and disseminate.  While there is a limited number of players, with a limited amount of time that they can dedicate to their chosen Shards or Servers, we can improve the longevity of all of them by keeping the flow of information free and open.  Let everyone share in the new developments, even if they don't intend to implement them on their personal servers.

Let's go Open Source.  Let's keep City of Heroes alive, for as long as there is even one person out there who wants to keep it alive.

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In another thread somewhere else, someone mentioned NPC Archetype sets, but they were Primal Earth Focused. I have therefore come up with some Praetorian-based Archetype sets, like these:


LEAT: Loyalist Epic Archetype which can choose to turn Resistance, Hero, Vigilante, Villain or Rogue later if they so wish after level 20

PPD Officer/TEST Troop/Interrogator/Investigator
Imperial Defense Soldier/DUST Troop/Heavy Artillery Troop
Imperial Seer/Augur/Diviner


REAT: Resistance Epic Archetype which can choose to turn Loyalist, Hero, Vigilante, Villain or Rogue later if they so wish after level 20

Resistance Rifleman/Resistance Heavy Barrel/Commando
Resistance Pistol Gunner/Resistance Runesoldier/Infiltrator
Carnival of Light Attendant/Shining Mistress
Carnival of Light Acolyte/Eremite/Anchorite


This is just a rough concept which can be expanded, but either new Epic Pools could be made available, or these could just get access to either Epic or Patron pools.

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Just adding another thing, while it occurs to me:


Rectify the costume system. I know this isn't a little thing, I fully admit it's pretty big. But after years of additions and proliferation, of epics and npc pieces, of power customization and the like, the entire costume system is bit of a hash at this point, making it difficult to expand it any further. And given that it is one of the big attraction points of this game, it's fairly important. 


Attachment points, pet customization,  gendered hugeness, glossy vs matte texture map selectors, expanded color palettes for main, secondary, and especially skin, are all things that are annoyingly difficult to change right now to one degree or another. So it might be worth taking a good, hard look at the whole appearance system, and rework it from base principles.

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