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A Question from The Homecoming Team

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On 8/12/2020 at 12:23 AM, FoulVileTerror said:

I will add, @UltraAlt, that some of the people who support this game do so out of love for what the game could -possibly- become with additional development.  There's a lot of untapped potential that's here.  Granted, reading through the General and Suggestions/Feedback boards for the past year and a half'ish, the hows and whys of the whats for that potential are quite diverse and even divisive.

You make a lot of fine points, but I think it's important to remember that there is no shortage of community members here who still want to see more changes made, and that doesn't diminish their love or passion for this game in any way.

I don't think it's necessary to point out that those that disagree me love or have passion for the game. They wouldn't take time to post their views if they didn't.


Are you trying to indicate that I don't have love or passion for this game? Why would I have taken time to post in the forums if I didn't.


If we are talking about "potential", then I think that lies in the level experience and not the end-game experience. I can voice that as my own view and others can voice their own views.


The longevity of this and any MMORPG is a good gaming community, gaming with friends, and diverse play experience.

I believe that COH is the first game that allowed MASSIVE Alt creation in order to explore the game fully.

I understand full well that some people simply want to play one character, game with the same people all the time, and play at the very tippy-top of the end-game. 

That being said, the tippy-top of the end game is the top of the pyramid and there are few players there. 


Where are the mass of players in Homecoming now (as I see it - I shouldn't have to say that), above 50 and below 1/2 way to the tippy top.

Players conditioned to not want to play lower levels for some reason. I'm assuming for some that it is simply a matter of having all their powers unlocked. I can see that, but don't agree with it.


I will say that even content heading on level 50 is an issue for me due to all the flashing lights and simply not being able to see what I'm fighting most of the time. It turns into relying upon the targeting window and cycling powers, and that simpy isn't as much fun to me as the leveling experience, learning how to interact with new powers and Pick-up-group teammates.


To each their own. 

I don't need to be told that other people love the game that I love for different reasons. That's a given.

And, yeah, I'm being defensive because I feel like I was attacked.

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It's been a little while, so my memory's spotty on my original motivation for that post, but I believe my intent was to use yours as a springboard to address those additional points for the benefit of everyone else who's reading this thread.  Not trying to suggest that you don't believe the points raised, but that they didn't appear to be explicitly brought up in your post, and I just wanted to add them.

I do my best to avoid attacking people, and I apologize for failing to make my words reflect that.

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I never got around to exploring all the content that existed, so I just want to be able to keep playing the game for the next years. Only got to level 49 on live.

New content is nice though, especially if it finishes existing story lines.

I would take new powers, abilities, balancing and such at a slow pace, I would want to keep the game recognizable for what it was.

Some more immersion. Weather, stuff you can do while out on the streets, interaction with the citizens, stuff that varies by time of day, or day of the week.



I would like the development to be set up in such a way that we can contribute. Me and several my friends are proficient coders/software engineers, albeit with busy jobs, and I would love to just be able to submit a bugfix for a problem I encounter.

Some updates to the graphics engine and some of the in game graphics would be nice. Not a complete overhaul, but maybe a fix for the weird lighting issues between inside/outside, some textures, and in the long run a few more polygons here and there, especially the oldest content.

I would really like to see continued support for Mac and Linux, and I'm willing to help with that when I can.



I am happy to pay a monthly fee, just like I used to. But I would prefer my friends who might not all want or be able to contribute, can access all the content.

Please don't put any content behind a pay wall, I thought that putting Going Rogue/Praetoria behind a VIP account on live, was a very stupid thing in the past, as it was some of the most enjoyable content in the game and a great selling point.



One of the best things about CoH has always been the community and the friendly and helpful atmosphere. Your resources will be limited, but trying to keep the community and build upon it will be important. I've already got 3 people to play the game who have never done so before 2020. Remove toxic players, fight hackers, and work on recruitment through the existing networks people have.

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The adventurous Space Janitor reporting for duty. Cleaning the universe since 1992 and Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and Praetoria since 2011.


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On 9/7/2019 at 9:13 AM, Jimmy said:

Hello everyone!


Today we have a simple question for everyone: What do you want to see out of a legitimate, licensed City of Heroes server?


As a caveat, this thread is not a Q&A and we won’t be answering questions here. We’re primarily looking to gather everyone’s thoughts and feedback about what they’d like to see from us going forward - both operationally and for the game itself!


- The Homecoming Team

More storylines

Enemies that challenge even fully kitted out incarnates.

AT Based storylines.


Do something with Kallisti Wharf

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I'd really love to see the Incarnate system completed, and the story finally moved forward.  All the things we heard about in the lore, made real.  Well, most of them... maybe things could change for the sake of keeping us in suspense, but still!

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Pipe dream would be to have the battalion/coming storm come to fruition. Also the incarnate system fully realized.


Realistically i would love seeing story content utilizing some under represented enemy groups. Wyrven, legacy chain, goldbrickers, warriors,  knives of artemis. Some of the later addition story arcs on both red and blue side can be the highlight of the leveling experience. Some of the old hero zones could use cohesive story arcs...like faultline received.


I would love to see a world War II time travel trial/tf. 5th column and nemesis...games been desperate for something like this since launch. Also more 5th column content. Everyone likes punching fascists. Story arcs might be the same but the council feel like the store brand version of the 5th column. 


Also a zig prison break trial. The building is just sitting in brickstown not being utilized.


Might be out of left field..devouring earth need more variety of bosses.

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I'd love to see Faultline fully redeveloped or at the very least, more progress made. That & zones like Boomtown restored to being a full city again too. I know that bases aren't at the top of the list, but I feel like that if the base building system was expanded upon to allow us to create full sized zones with a much higher item count, entire skyscrapers as items, etc, the sky would be the limit. I know why we have the limitions & the reasoning behind them, I'm just saying what I wish we could have.

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I'd love to see some quality of life updates on the costumes.  


For example, I'd like to see Masterminds get to choose the costume slot for all their pets - rather then just clones of their current worn costume. You can swap the worn costume without the henchmen changing currently, so I don't see why this should be a big change.  It would make a huge difference to those of us who like making themes however, especially if you could choose a costume slot for each pet!  With that small change, I suspect you'd get a whole lot of people excited about what they could do with their squads.  You want a royal guard for your Princess, Lord or King character? You could make them Thugs, Mercenaries or Ninjas, but dressed up!  There's a whole lot of things that would open up to those who like customizing and themes.  


It would also be nice to see a bigger range on the sizing of toons.  It might be nice to have pixies and fairies that were closer to actual pixie and fairy size!  Or a dwarf tank - actually the size of a dwarf? 


More faces and hair styles for male and female of course would always be welcome.  I greatly appreciated the choice Homecoming made on making all the costume parts available when you create a toon, rather then unlocking them after the fact with recipes or merits.   I think most people would rather create the toon look they wanted while creating it, instead of being forced to buy a recipe, create the recipe, then go to ICON after the fact just to get the look you wanted from the beginning.  Good on you all, for that choice!


Content wise, like many others, I think  it would be nice to continue the story of Battalion and the Coming Storm.  I also wouldn't mind more Shadow Shard things. 


And maybe revamp the Synapse task force, like what was done with Positron?

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