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Slotting and enhancements for a claw/regen stalker

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Hi folks,


I have a villain counterpart to my scrapper, as a claw/regen stalker.  I'm looking for some general advice to  help the character play better.


Basically I'm looking to maximize health/end regeneration, assassin strike recharge, and accuracy/damage on the attack powers.  What kinds of slotting and enhancements have y'all found work great for soloing and or teamwork? 



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Is this for leveling or end game? Pvp or pve? Group or solo. Answering those questions will help guide responses. Basically asking for priorities on all the things you want to do, unless you’re just looking for a generalist.

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Do you have a claw/regen scrapper and now you have recreated him as a claw/regen Stalker?

 In that case, let me tell you regen is better on scrappers and claws are slightly different on Stalkers. You loose a small aoe for Assassin strike and you gain Build Up instead of follow up. Also confront/placate are allways skiped.


I made a BS/regen earlier this week, it may help you to get the idea of slotting your evil version.


Stalker - Broad Sword - Regeneration.mxd


The only important part for your primary is the ATO synergy. How does it work? Simple:


  1. Slot the Stalkers Guile proc into Assassin Strike.
  2. Slot the Assassins Mark proc into your first (or any other) Attack
  3. Slot the Gauss proc chance for build up into Build up. Do not put any other slot into it.
  4. Put Build Up on a key that you can frequently push.

What now happens is that you start the fight with Build Up and Assassins strike. That should kill the first enemy, because Assassin strike deals triple damage and you have a 90% chance for double build up. If Stalkers Guile did proc you are hidden again, that means your next attack will be 100% krit. So the second enemy should be dead. Now you can just attack as the powers come up and have a reasonable chance to reset the cooldown of buildup with every attack. It happens fron time to time that you get to see:


  • Build Up
  • Gaus proc for Build Up
  • Assassinstrike for 160%Damage Bonus on top of triple damage.
  • Assassins Mark proc!
  • Stalkers Guile proc!
  • Build Up again!
  • Gaus proc for Build Up again!
  • Any Attack with 320% Damage Bonus and 100% krit chance.

This does happen and is really fun. Only thing is that your area damage will be lower than the scrapper Version.

And now comes the cool part. You can have this all for 3 Enhancements and with every Stalker. 


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