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  1. Morning all.  As I sit and look at my stable of heroes I realized I do not have a single Defender in the barn.  I do not even think I had one in the original game. I am thinking there maybe a reason for all that but am going to ignore that and build one but I have no idea what to build.  I mainly solo when I play so I am looking for a great solo defender build for my first one.  I did some reading and searching but for some odd reason the talk/threads got from defender to making Corruptor or Doms.


    Now with that said lets hear and see what you suggest for a Solo Defender.

  2. Hello fellow Champions.


    I am hoping to find some old Guildmates.  I ran primarily under this name "Artillia"  but ran 3 accounts, Sir Radkin was the top toon on my 2nd account.  I do not remember all our SG name mind yea as we all kept individual bases aftre DR broke up.


    We also moved to Freedom when they allowed us to change servers.


    So here is you I am looking for.










    There were another 5 or 6 main guys but I am lost on their names as well.

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