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  • Welcome to Homecoming!
    To get started, please register an account and download the Homecoming Launcher for City of Heroes™.

  • Installing City of Heroes on Windows

    1. Download the Homecoming Launcher.
    2. Follow the setup instructions and choose an installation directory.


    Note: If you have an existing City of Heroes installation (from Tequila or another legacy launcher), you must install the game to a new directory. The launcher will copy over most files (both game data and saved settings, costumes, etc) from an existing Tequila install if one exists.

  • Installing City of Heroes on Mac OS X

    Note: This launcher is provided by a 3rd party and isn't officially supported by Homecoming.

    1. Download the Mac OS X Homecoming Launcher.
    2. Double click the ZIP file to extract it, and then double-click the Mac Installer.
    3. Run the Launch CoH application and wait for it to finish downloading the client files.
    4. Once the download is complete, click the appropriate Play button to launch Homecoming.
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