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A rant about work and life


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Hours decreasing, social spectrum shortcomings standing in the way of promotion, cost of everything is up, I'm not even totally broke just, struggling to scrape the last of my bills together. I'm at a loss to what else to do besides complain about it -finally-. I usually don't complain much but.

God I really hate bill stress.

All this nonsense and I'm realizing I need a new job, because where I am, I just feel jerked around lately. pay isn't, what it used to be with reduced hours and they just can't get me more hours or a salary for what I do. career change is stressful. even typing this much has been a relief, so to whomever reads or replies. Hi I'm Izick of Firebrand Island @Kataklysm. 

Just putting it out there, If anyone has some coffee change they can throw my way, send me a direct message, it would not land in ungrateful hands.

Thanks for letting me rant homecoming, feel free to check out my bases -just be respectful-!
Base passcodes! 






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