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    18 September 2021

    This event began 08/14/20 and repeats every 25 days forever

    The Sanctum of Shadows is an island which exists outside of our physical realm, in plane known as The Midnight Sea, off beyond the Far Horizons.  Essentially an old Oranbegan's "lake house" retreat, it is traditionally kept in a state of perpetual, peaceful darkness.  However, lately the Sanctum's pavilions and surrounding islands have been lit up like a birthday cake with torch- and candle-light.  Flowers have started to bloom and garlands of roses have appeared.  Even the Karnaim, the magi's Skybound warship, has found herself decked out for a celebration.

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    19 September 2021

    This event began 08/15/20 and repeats every 25 days forever

    The Revelatory Prestige Academy of the Etoile Isles, situated on St. Martial, is an idyllic campus for higher learning.  Students are carefully chosen, and heavy tuition fees keeps the general rabble out.  A team of trained security personnel are at the beck-and-call of faculty, staff, and students alike.  With support from Arachnos, the academy also boasts a large turn-over rate of graduate students enlisting within the Arachnos command structure, and even the Arbiters Corps.

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    18 September 2021 12:00 AM      02:30 AM

    Sick of aliens invading your neighborhood, TPing into your home, eating your meals, probing you in your sleep, alien monkeys crapping on your lawn?  It's time we fight back!! 
    Friday, September 17th, right after the last Hamidon raid ("around" 8:00-8:30 P.M. ET) @Anyad will run an Instance Mothership Raid.  Get your best, your strongest +35 character, and all we ask is you MUST have the "Member of Vanguard" Badge.  Help @Anyad take down this Rikti menace.
    When @Anyad starts announcing in LFG channel STAY where you are, DO NOT come to RWZ broadcasting for invite.  Just send her a TELL and she'll have trained Vanguard LIMO Driver come get you and bring you to the RAID.  ***Remember to get your 'Member of Vanguard" badge by doing some quick missions from Levantera in the Vanguard Base before you send the tell, or the invite will not work.***
    I know what you are thinking.  "Apparition, but why an Instance run?"  Well, my friends here is why.
    -It is new and exciting.
    -Merits are collected by the league not the team, (averaging about 1200-1400/run) so even the whiny tanks who complain about only getting a couple hundred merits should get as much if not more than the Blapper.
    -No waiting in RWZ2.  All 48 members will get in, no waiting for zone cap to clear.
    -Don't have to run to RWZ, just stay where you are.  Atlas, Ouro, PD, Grandville, does not matter.  Send a tell and we will come get you.
    -Hospital is close by, no traveling halfway across the world when your slacker healer is ignoring you because you bit off more than you could chew.
    -Smaller Map, the task is the same, but we lose half the map and the riff raff that it comes with it.  So, the lag should be less, unless your system sucks nothing we can do about that.
    -All players will be level 50, no worrying about making sure your team leader is 50.  Level 35+ can come play with the level 50s.
    -No team balancing, every team will get a meat bag, but after that it does not matter league shares in the rewards.
    -All Rikti, mobs, and pylons will be level 54, and believe me them pylons pack a punch, (excellent place to unlock Incarnate XP, I personally have unlocked all six in a little over two runs). 
    -But we need to get the badge to get into the instance.  It's just like Magi Trial (Lore/Destiny) or Tin/Pex (Alpha).  Well, this instance needs to have the "Member of Vanguard" badge.
    This is not the regular Zone MSR it is an iMSR (INSTANCE) version. So please do not tell us you do not need the badge to run the MSR.  You're right, you do not (for the zMSR), but this one is the Instance version in which you do need the badge.
    ****You cannot enter the INSTANCE without the "MEMBER of VANGUARD" badge.  So you must be level 35+ to talk to Levantera.  She will make you kill ten Rikti and chat with other Vanguard NPCs then will give you the badge.  Takes like three minutes.****

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    18 September 2021 12:00 AM

    This event began 07/12/20 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Really Hard Way badge run of the Magisterium Incarnate Trial is led weekly by The Cosmic Council! Join us every Saturday night a few minutes before our 8:00pm ET start time in ECHO PLAZA on Excelsior! Invites go out to SG and Coalition members first, then first-come first-serve until we're full!  All runs are led by either @Caddaric, @331, @The Atomic Alpha, or @goldenstriker. After the RHW run, we take requests for Master runs of any Incarnate Trial for 2-3 hours.
    Note: Echo Plaza can be accessed through the white truck in Pocket D (blue side near AE, not the one near Null the Gull) or at the top of the list in your Long Range Teleporter power.

    There are a few requirements to join the league (for the RHW run specifically, not subsequent trials), so please make sure to read the full details in our dedicated Really Hard Way Discord channel: https://discord.gg/UmQYxdN

    The Cosmic Council runs daily SG events that include all types of game content.  If you like badging, camaraderie, and/or seeing lots of content frequently then we invite you to check us out! https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N

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    18 September 2021 12:00 AM      02:00 AM

    This event began 09/07/21 and repeats every week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday forever

    2 MSRs, 3 times a week on Indom, led by  @Eda

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    Indomitable Player-Led Event 0 Comments

    18 September 2021 12:15 AM      01:15 AM

    This event began 04/02/21 and repeats every day forever

    Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂

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    Everlasting Player-Led Event 0 Comments

    19 September 2021 12:00 AM      03:00 AM

    This event began 08/14/21 and repeats every week on Sunday until 02/11/22

    JST hosts its "Poison Potions" Superteam, featuring the Poison powerset, every Friday at 8pm EDT. Roll up a new Poison alt and join us.
    /chan_join "Justice Superteamers" and ask for an invite
    Details on forum post:

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    18 September 2021 03:15 AM      04:15 AM

    This event began 04/02/21 and repeats every day forever

    Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂

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    18 September 2021 04:00 PM

    This event began 06/12/21 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Hi everyone,
    We have a little group running WTF/WSF every saturday with a thematic concept and/or AT/powerset that we decide on in advance.
    You can find the details and themes in this thread here:
    Themed TF/SF Saturdays - Indomitable - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
    Feel free to join us, everybody welcome! You will be amazed at what everybody shows up with each week!


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    19 September 2021 05:00 PM      06:00 PM

    This event began 08/09/20 and repeats every week on Sunday forever

    Muleta's gang is hosting the weekly Sunday Lag-Mania MSR at 19.00 cest ( we will start forming sooner so lift of is at 19.00).
    Come to the Rikti war Zone for an invite .We will see you there. join our Discord and enjoy the MSR-Radio. 
    For more info ask @muleta or @goblinboss

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    18 September 2021 07:00 PM

    This event began 09/04/20 and repeats every day forever

    Every day on Excelsior I run a daily afternoon Mothership Raid double-feature in the Rikti Warzone. Invites start around 3pm EST (8pm GMT) and we typically go for two rounds, with a 5+ minute break between each round.
    My global is @Doctor Proteus but I rotate through my many characters every 3 Veteran Levels earned per character.
    I will announce what character I will be on in the excelsior-events channel on the Homecoming Discord 1 hour before invites go out. All levels are welcome. The raid may occasionally run late or be called off, pending changing circumstances. I will announce changes/problems in excelsior-events if possible.
    EDIT: I set the time for 3pm on the calander, but some people are telling me it is showing as 10am for them. This may be because the calendar is using my time-zone in the UK as the basis, but for the records it is meant to be 3pm in the USA. Please keep me informed if anything seems off.

    Anyone who wishes to attend should ask for an invite in the Rikti Warzone broadcast channel, so I can see we are in the same zone. Please ask in broadcast and do not send me a direct message. I cannot invite players to the league if they are members of the opposite faction unless we are in the same zone. I do not want to have to /who everyone while I am focusing on assembling and organizing the raid, and replying to direct messages can be a hassle, especially if there are many.
    If I can I run two raids a day so that anyone who did not make it into the first run at least has a chance to attend at least one raid if they choose to stick around for round 2.
    At the start of the raid during the Pylon phase, I will give out comprehensive instructions on what to do in full-caps in the Request Channel, so anyone new to Mothership Raids will have an idea on what to do and so I can give out bomb assignments. I use the Request Channel so that people can still use League Chat freely. Bomb Assignments will be sent out a second time at the last pylon for anyone who arrived late.
    Please make sure you have the Request Channel active in an visible chat window. You can check by clicking on a chat tab and going to edit, this will show what channels are active in that chat window.
    I try to be as fair and impartial as possible to attendees. Anyone who leaves the zone or disconnects has about 4 minutes to return before their spot becomes available to anyone waiting in the zone. If the raid fills, any additional Players will be queued for entry into the raid in order of their arrival to the zone, to the best of my awareness. I cannot promise that I will always be able to keep track of everyone who comes and goes. Anyone who leaves the zone will be removed from the queue.
    If you need to go AFK during the raid, please let me know. People tend to assume someone who has gone AFK un-announced is a leech.
    I and most raid attendees do not appreciate Leeching. A Leecher's spot is a spot that could be used by someone productive who may be waiting to get into the raid and most attendees can be very vocal to me about it. Anyone who needs to go AFK should let me know beforehand.
    I am from England and not running on EST. I am not intimately familiar with American time-zones nor will I be immediately aware of any changes to American time-zones. I apologise for any confusion this may cause if American time-zone shenanigans occur without my knowledge.
    When referencing the daily event, I typically take into account the fact I am on an American server, and consider myself a guest, so I try to use American time. For me the raid starts at 8pm in the evening, but I refer to the event as being in the afternoon based on the present time in the U.S.A.

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    17 September 2021 10:30 PM      12:00 AM

    This event began 08/29/20 and repeats every day forever


    There will be a Hamidon raid happening every evening from 6:30PM to 8:00PM (EDT) in the Abyss. 
    You can get to the Abyss from the Smugglers submarine in Peregrine Island or in Grandville.
    You must be Level 45+
    You will be given 3 choices of rewards upon defeating Hamidon.

    - 4 Emperian Merits (You can only pick this option once per toon)
    - A random Hamidon enhancement (You can only pick this option once per toon)
    - Reward merits  80 the first defeat, then 40 every time after that. This is per toon so you can alt to get 80 merits again on another character. (You can choose reward merits as your reward multiple times but you will only receive 80 merits the first time)

    A designated raid leader will give you instructions when there. Please follow their instructions for multiple successful raids. 

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    18 September 2021 10:30 PM

    This event began 08/29/20 and repeats every day forever

    Daily Early Bird Hami starts forming at 6 pm EST in The Hive, followed by Little Claw's Hami raid.

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    Torchbearer Player-Led Event 3 Comments

    17 September 2021 10:00 PM      18 September 2021 04:00 AM

    This event began 09/04/20 and repeats every week forever

    Various themes and games changing from week to week.  Check the discord or in game advertisements to find out what is going on.

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    19 September 2021 11:00 PM

    This event began 09/10/21 and repeats every week on Friday and Sunday forever

    AKA The Weekend Special
    So you've seen the call for the Hamicide, but just not sure what it is. Well, here we will try to summarize the basic idea of the Hamicide weekend special.
    Lil Claw (LC) spices things up with a Hamicide on their raids on the weekend. The raids still consists of 3 runs: a Zerg run, an Old School run, and another Zerg run. 
    So what do you mean by 'Zerg' run? A Zerg run means NO MITO take down phase. We attack Hami head on. Once Hami has spawned everyone in the league is brought back to the safe rock. Everyone drops their lore pets on the safe rock before the attack phase commences. Lore pets are passive until the active attack. Group buffs are handed out, i.e. Clarion, Support, RA, Bubbles, etc.  LC and the tank will go down to Hami. The league needs to take an EoE and well as Acc/Dmg inspirations in order to bring down Hami quickly. LC will then teleport the entire league down to Hami for the attack. Lore pets are then set to aggressive. What do I need for this run? You need 1-2 EoEs, a couple of large Accuracies and several large Damage per Zerg run. The idea is to bring down Hami as quickly as possible.  
    So what do you mean by Old School run? Old School run is an older way of doing the Hami raid. (Also of note, is that some shards may still perform their Hami raid in this manner.) What this entails is as follows. The 2nd run/Old School round is a NO LORE PET attack. This is run on the second round so that the league has time for all Lore Pets to recharge. League buffs are given out prior to starting the run. (Clarion, RA, Bubbles, etc.) The first part of the run proceeds as normal, with each team taking down their designated Mitos. At the Hami attack phase Clarion may be handed out again. During the first pass Hami is taken down to 75% health, in a slower fashion to allow Mitos to respawn. Once Mitos have reappeared, each team returns to the Mito attack pattern as before. Taking all Mitos down for a second time. When Mitos have been cleared a second time, the attack resumes on Hami. League buffs (Clarion/Support) are given and Hamidon is defeated. What do I need for this run? As this is a longer overall attack phase, the player will ideally want 8-10 EoEs for this round.  
    What should I bring to the Hamicide? DPS! DPS! DPS! Can't say this enough. We need Melee and Ranged damage. Generally speaking we're asking for about 16 players each for melee and ranged dmg for a total of about 32 damage bringers. Kinetics. The minimum number of Kins needed for the Hamicide is 6, but more are always welcome. We'll be heavily relying on Fulcrum Shift in order to muster enough damage to bring down Hami quickly. Other hero types. Due to the Old School run in the middle, we still have need for heals and holds. LORE PETS & REDS. We don't care what lore pet, just whichever one you like. Lots of Reds to do damage ASAP. We're contending with all of the the damage the mitos normally do, in addition to Hami itself.   
    Rewards are exactly the same as any other Hamidon Raid.

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