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  • May 16 Update

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    • The Council Supersoldier has broadened the utility of his rage and may throw heavy objects at flying supers.
    • The Council Supersoldier and Little League have had their power toolkit updated to work FOR them instead of against them.
    • Little League also has unlocked his Line Drive, a ranged baseball throw for pesky flying supers.
    • Vulcannon has had slight adjustments to her power toolkit.
    • Warrior Quantums extend their ranks to 54.
    • Tsoo have a minor cadre of goons added to the 35-44 range.



    • John Houston
      • Slight dialog adjustments to the Brigadier General in Mission 2.
      • A missing waypoint to talk to Old Toby has been added after you free him.
      • Protestors scatter when engaging Hero Corps during the riots.
      • The City Representative has lost her Contact Ring.
      • The City Representative laments when Hero Corps fails to protect her.
      • Warriors during the hostage cutscene with Alexander should not automatically aggro during the cinematic.
      • Some missing Tsoo and Warrior spawns have been corrected in the riots.
    • Dr. Stribbling
      • Fixed alignment rewards not looking for the Mission Complete to award.
      • Fixed some dialog tree issues.



    • Fixed the placement of River Rat badge visit locations that were too high.


    Powers & Enhancements

    • Fix issue with Exploit Weakness Damage/Range not being accepted by the auction house.



    • Fixed an error in Pavel Garnier's name.
    • Minor geometry fix to improve lighting on base helper water.
    • Fixed a geometry hole in Praetorian Tunnels.
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