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  • May 2 Update

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    • Fixed Water Jet (quick) to use PvP Damage Modifier tables in PvP.
    • Updated Full Auto's power description to accurately reflect the Page 6 changes.
    • Fixed Flamethrower's endurance cost being too high.
    • Fixed MISS floaters and combat log spam being incorrectly delayed on some toggle powers.



    • Fixed "Auras > Wealthy > Trail - Combat" fx not displaying during combat.
    • Fixed some NPC weapons disappearing after being drawn.
    • Fixed VEATS > Huge > Bane Spider missing left leg.
    • Fixed female sheathed Impervium Ninja Blade impaling the wielder through the chest.
    • Fixed Scepter of Stheno subsequently sticking for a sustained span when un-sheathed.


    Supergroup Bases

    • Added resized click volume for Supergroup inspiration containers instead of just lowering the originals.
    • Fixed Dimensional Ripple Sky for bases which were using the wrong textures.
    • Tweaked the lighting blend mode of the new SG letters to match the old letters. This change is only applicable to outdoor lighting.



    • Some client messages now go to a client.log file in addition to the debug console to aid in troubleshooting.

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