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  1. Didn't I just see something about NO political talk on the Homecoming servers somewhere? If not I think it should be a rule. - three strikes = muted for 24 hours - If you get muted for 24 hours three more times (total of 4) = that is a ban for 6 months. - Then if one does it again it's a perma-ban. This is all cumulative, unless there is substantial time between offenses. (Substantial time would be at the discretion of the GM's and up.) I come to play CoX to get away from life's crap, not get another helping of it in game. Thank you for your time. Sincerely & respectfully, Charles R. Williamson Jr. EW1(SW/MTS) USN(Ret.) A.F. & A.M., L.M.I.P. Warwick Lodge #336 aka "Spectrum"
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