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  1. And now I have two contact arcs locked out because of zoning issues. The aforementioned Night Ward contact, and now a contact in PI gave me a mission in Kallisti Wharf which causes DC as well.
  2. I am using the x64 version and really haven't had any issues until this past week. And it's not slow, it's a consistent, repeatable DC. Any character I've tried so far. Progress bar gets to about 3/4 and then stops, pauses for a few seconds and boots me out.
  3. This started with Contact: Belladonna Vetrano, attempting to run a mission in Night Ward with 50+ Vigilante character. I was disconnected while on the load screen trying to get into the door mission. First attempt to log back in with that character also resulted in DC. Was able to log back into Night Ward successfully again. Any attempt to enter that mission results in DC. Auto-completed mission and received the same behavior on the next door mission from Night Ward. At this point, I rebooted & re-validated (no issues found with install). Above actions still cause DC. Moving from Night Ward to other zones or First Ward causes no issues. Moving between other zones causes no issues. Running other door missions causes no issues. Running a different Night Ward contact (Trilogy) with a door mission in Night Ward causes no issues. Since this appeared to be related to Praetoria, I tried taking the Tunnel from Night Ward to Imperial City --> DC again. Was able to log back into Imperial City OK. Tried Tunnel from Imp City to Night Ward --> DC. Log back in OK. Just in case the problem was toon-specific, I logged in with an alt [lvl 46 Vigilante]. Tried base portal to Night Ward --> DC. Logged back into NW. Tried Tunnel from NW to Imp City --> DC. In case the problem was alignment related, I changed original 50+ toon back to Hero. Base portal to Night Ward --> DC. Re-validated again, just to make sure (no installation issues). Logged back into Night Ward OK. Jumped to base (via passcode) and took base portal to Talos, then tried Tunnel from Talos to Imp City, no issues. Tunnel from Imp City to Atlas, no issues. Tunnel from Atlas to Night Ward --> DC. Something definitely broken around Night Ward travel. Anyone else having this type of problem?
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