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  1. True, but both those effects have an accuracy check, usually related to Psi based attack styles. Ramping defense to Psi reduces the chances of them occuring, tactics reduces the effects they have when they do. Now, if you want to gripe over something you cant counter.. Phase Shift! Rularuu power that moves you out of phase for 30 seconds then drops you back into combat to get hammered hard. While you can prep for the return to normality, ive yet to find a way to reduce its chance to occur! I believe there is something in incarnates that will negate some of the fear effects too, at
  2. With the new recharge rates that is very viable. Just alter the sets accordingly so your alpha is procing the crit bonus
  3. That's the sluggishness, it doesn't feel as smooth. Use the gap for repositioning as your AoE is smaller. Also a good time to use DNA siphon and such. Even a sly Judgment if you like!
  4. Ive just logged in for the first time in ages to check out the damage first hand. 1 mission on +4*8 solo. Playing the above build as intended, suitability was identical, my health never moved, I didnt even need to use Ablaitive Carapace. Combat wise, it felt sluggish, the recharge was weird, it was faster but no longer as smooth. AoE damage: The PBAoE recharge was down to 2 seconds, which puts the AoE damage massively higher as its going off 3 times with buildup. Its range is lower so even though the sword is passing through enemy they arn't taking dam
  5. F ? TW needs a drink raised to it, may it one day be practical or at least aesthetic again
  6. The notes said people struggled to understand Titan weapon momentum and play it from early. Who are they as I considered it fairly simplistic, big weapon needs some effort to move, when it moves and hits it hits hard, if it misses you start your slow animation again.. In keeping you should alter the costume weapons as now some weapons appear to cut enemy but don't hurt them as TW range is now more like katana, aesthetically daft.
  7. There should be rules against altering sets that are thought to be OP under the guise they are too hard to understand. I know no one who couldnt understand how momentum worked yet they not only nerfed it, they destroyed it. You can now have a sword animation that spins and doesn't even hit what the blade passes through.
  8. Speed of sound is very fun, you can que up an attack for when you land and it's like fighting at super speed!
  9. Short of soloing AVs meant for team fights, I've get to find much that can hurt me, a lvl 54 GW dies easily, and she was the main one I worried about! DPS is what I was aiming for. If the enemy is dead or knocked down, they arnt attacking. Also the survivability is already able to take on lvl 54 preatorians and parthenon head on so it's just overkill. The recharge gives flexibility with what you do, especially with some of the long recharge powers
  10. Shadow meld also puts you into the high 60s for defence, which lets you take several hits before your in trouble
  11. The ST chain in DM and the -tohit will compliment Bio well later on, long as you focus on recharge I reckon. Certainly good for GM and AVs. The extra heal will make up for target counts too
  12. Dark melee is one of those sets I feel needs a little more love. Its ST is great but its AoE feels painful for fast killing. The DM update they tested on beta looked amazing! Too bad people thought it was too OP .... I hate that term.. OP... they used to say fire/kin controllers were OP with regular SO enhancements as they could solo 8 man mobs. Fact is everything can become that powerful if you invest the time and resources correctly, I've seen defenders soloing +4*8... Everything has a weakness tho, even TW/bio has its fatal flaws. +Bio has no fear protection l
  13. 2 words. "Minimal fx"! I dislike the look too!:D
  14. Shadow meld is used against lvl 54 enemy, like nemesis, carrier, malta, praetorians.. stuff with high tohit buffs.
  15. The crit proc doesn't affect the power that triggers it and its chance is per hit. Rend armor can score 2k damage if it gets a crit with build up doubled and the res debuf persists until you hit them a second time too. I tried the 50% proc in whirling smash but while it triggered well, I couldn't throw up a wall of crits. Crushing blow with it struggled to get it firing each mob. AoD was a compromise. Its stand alone damage is very good, it is a cone so usually hits 5 making the proc generally fire, and also triggers momentum letting you fire whirling smash and rend before the 50%
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