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  1. Oh, good lord! An embarassment of riches! Thanks everyone! I very much appreciate the help!
  2. Thanks! I forgot I posted this. (My special power, forgetfulness). I appreciate the suggestions!
  3. I have been trying to re-figure out how to make my taunt power sync with my battle cry. I know it isn't this hard. Used to do this all the time with my toons on the original game. Could someone please help me out with what this is supposed to look like? I've gone through the guides and I get nowhere. Somewhere this old woman has lost her marbles, apparently. Thanks, Eve
  4. I have an area in my base, a doorway, to be precise, that has a walkway going through it, high on the wall. I would like to close off the doorway at both ends with walls. Preferably I would like these walls to look like walls. If possible, like the base walls, if not, then, at least to not have awkward lines in them. I've tried cabinets and such, but, they don't quite look right. I've done some research and I want to avoid issues where I have too many items in the base and crash someone out of the game, since the base is meant to be used, after all. So, what am I missing that I have to use that would make a wall and not be...not wall looking? Thanks, Eve
  5. Specifically the Apex, Faultless Mystic and Newsman/Newsgirl badges seem to have flown the coop. I'm using vidiot maps, and have been exactly where it indicates they are, but, no badges. Are these bugged? I didn't find anything with a search of the fora, but, my search-fu is weak. Anyone know what's up? Thanks, Eve
  6. I had an idea to build a base with an outdoor area. I found the sky function and that's great. What I am wondering is there something I have missed that will allow me to make the walls appear to be skyline? Thanks, Eve
  7. I really want that "Ah-ha!" sound, rather than the scream that I have. Is this tied to certain powers, or, is there a way to change that, please? (Clarification) After an inital scream on my redone tanker, the "Ah-ha!" is back. Was there something preventing that on the brute I had made her first? Shield and Super Strength in both cases. (Clarification 2) Now that I am in a mission, the scream is back. On the surface in Atlas, "Ah-ha!" in a mission, scream. I don't get it. Thank you, in advance, Eve
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