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  1. Hey Hew! Thank you for taking time to look at and critique what I put together. I will be honest the Mez slotting/level was a bit of an oversight that I missed, oops! So, thank you for pointing that out. I will admit I've played brutes or stalkers far more than scrapper so this is my first swing at it. I dropped maneuvers for assault, and moved a few slots. My +dmg is currently at 56.4% without buildup and I don't think this accounts for Musculature? with build up I'm at 156.4%. Thank you for linking your build for me to look at and compare with! Oh, as for PP I'm nervous I'll be chewing Blues like crazy because I heard WM is on the End hungry side. I prefer to not need to rely on the blues to stay in the fight, but if my End bar ends (lol) up barely moving I'll look into placing something else there.
  2. Fiddled around in mid's trying to see what I can do with WM/SD and just looking to see what anyone thinks, where I could improve? Its somewhat the first time I've put together a build of my own so I'm sure to have over looked something or over thought somewhere. Any advice is appreciated. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1623&c=708&a=1416&f=HEX&dc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
  3. Man, thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate it more than you know.
  4. Wow thank you hyperstrike! This is almost exactly the type of help i was looking for, but i do have a few more questions unfortunately. I hear about perma-hasten, is that perma-hasten? how does one know if it is in mids or even just in general? would the force feedback only proc from using kick or is it random for any ability? sorry for the additional questions just trying to get everything figured out.
  5. Jthekingslayer


    Hey guys, first time posting on a forum ever for me. Been playing for about 2 months now and i just hit 50. I haven't played since way back when. So a lot of the things in game are new to me. Downloaded mids to try and put together a build for the powersets above but have no idea what i'm doing or looking for. I'd appreciate if someone could help me out with a mock build and kinda explain why they slotted what they did maybe? i know it seems like a lot and i do apologize, i just need a little guidance i suppose.
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