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  1. Thank you, found it inside a wall. no part was visible but kept clicking around the wall, managed to retrieve it. Thanks again.
  2. I was editing my base, and was moving a salvage rack that had close to 100 converters in it. As I was moving it, I set it down and it disappeared. No message in the chat window for "sold for prestige" nothing. Still shows up as a container in the base list of containers, but it's gone. Any idea how to find it?
  3. Found my problem. UI was set to default scaling. Which causes the UI to take up more room on the screen under 4k than under 1920x1200 resolution. This setting is not on the same option page as the graphics settings, so I missed it. Also didn't make any sense to me that the automatic scaling would automatically use more UI space in this comparison. When playing with this setting, under my desktop setings (1920x1200), the UI Scaling is at 100%. Under 4k, it defaults to 300%. For me, adjusting it down manually to around 250% seems to work MUCH better. BTW, Laptop has a GTX 960 M, so plenty of power to run at acceptable rates for this game at 4k.
  4. I've been thinking about upgrading my PC Monitor(s) to something around the QHD (1440p) or maybe 4k. However I tested 4k on my laptop that has a 4k screen, and I get far less real-estate on the screen in terms of toolbars and menus than I do with my current Desktop monitor (1920x1200). Does CoH truly support 1440 or 4k? Do I need to run in Windowed mode (as opposed to what I usually do full screen)? Anyone else seeing this issue (maybe my laptop is the issue)?
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