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  1. Typically I would slot it with damage, accuracy and mez enhancements. Is it going to be effective with just 1 slot? I thought every controller pet is a powerful asset, not to be neglected.
  2. Thank you, that looks nice. I still question the 1 slot on Singularity. Is it enough? I feel like I'm not seeing something.
  3. Thanks for that! Wow, so sturdy. Now I have some concerns, but that may be my naivety. Theres only 1 slot in Singularity. 1 in Lift as well, but I presume I can just spam Propel instead. Is there generally enough damage on this between Propel and Fireball? I noticed no damage on Crushing Field.
  4. Hello! Until last week I have completely avoided IO sets; I found them expensive and scary. Even on the last days of live I used SOs. On Homecoming I've been using basic IOs. But now, finally, I'm testing the waters. I had help with a Blaster build, and now that toon is amazing! So I'm planning to get 1 kitted out toon of each AT. Next up is controller. I have a grav/kin themed around magnetism. But again, I don't know jack about IO sets. So, could someone design me a build? This is what I have so far: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1234&c=584&a=1168&f=HEX&dc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tomic Super Magnet 2 - Controller (Gravity Control).mxd
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