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  1. Thank you everyone for your input, In the coming days I'll throw some test builds together and see what happens. I had seen posts about savage melee being a very decent set, but ill tell you what... I must be pretty bad at stalker mechanics. On the test server I have a Sm/shield. I do shield charge into the group then try to AS a boss mob then hit my savage leap. After that the DPS just stops. It has been mentioned i should be able to stay hidden which is true for shield charge - but my hidden never seems to proc back on so im just left there punching away building stac
  2. Hey. new to the forums but, ive been playing for a month or so. I've gone from builds that do a ton of AOE and now I think its time to get the heavy hitter out. Last night I made three test build, none of which were what im looking for, Could someone please point me in a direction for a stalker build that will hit the 1k+ crit numbers and have enough surviveability to take down AV's if possible? Thank you
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