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  1. https://imgur.com/a/sCVTTgX My screenshots were too big for the forum to handle.
  2. Hello! I am here to discuss the feature of Going Rogue that locks players out of the early on quest lines if you go above a certain level threshold. Levels currently scale to the player, so there is no reason to worry about being over leveled for content. It might be easier however, it's still there to be enjoyed. From a story perspective you are simply being cut off from active choices. You are currently able to lock yourself out from finishing 12 different story lines. Yes we do have fixes that can be used by the player to get around this, however it just seems incredibly odd for the game to feature this.
  3. Hello! I am reporting that the spy content in Preatoria is currently utterly broken and inaccessible. Story missions are comparable, however whenever given the choice to contact Calvin Scott, you are unable to do so as he is stuck in his normal dialogue options. Clearing his quests, restarting missions, going to him directly, does not work. You are currently unable to side with the resistance for spy choices. Someone I met ingame said the same thing happened for them during loyalist missions. If there is any further info that I can provide please let me know.
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