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  1. Thanks for the input, it is much appreciated.
  2. Hi folks; Got my F\F to 50, slotted up for 90% S\L resist, and, of course, Fire. Looking to slot my alpha next, wondering if there is any reason to go Resilient, or should I just go Musculature (which I am inclined to do to help with damage output). Or should I look in a differnet direction> This is my first tank to 50, so figured I would ask those who may know more than me.... Anywho, thanks for reading.
  3. Sooo....just started playing this build (after being completely dissatisfied with this version of the tank, reversed primary\secondary, of course). I am into my mid thirties and seem to be underperforming as a Brute and not so great at tanking. I'm looking forward to getting to 50 and then working on sets (right now I am Invention slotted only). Anyone have experience with this build and can make any suggestions, especially as to slotting, # of slots I should be shooting for in damage vs resistence....I've run through Mids a couple time and can't seem to decide which powers nee
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