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  1. Perhaps we're both just tired and letting our imaginations of our perceived hostilities get to us. I won't deny I can come off as blunt and/or terse, and I will be sarcastic about it, but my intention is not to fight with people. This is why I chose to ignore certain people in this thread rather than give in to their attempts to fence over something I don't believe is an argument that can, or needs to be won.
  2. I suggest you read the last paragraph of the OP to understand why I decided to post this here. Further, you can't deny that getting the input of people who actively play the AT is unnecessary when asking about changes and/or feedback, especially considering the information I've received about it that lead me to believe there are several ways of going about making these changes for better or worse, as opposed to anyone who decides to stumble in and agree or disagree with something posted in the feedback forum, and whether that person comes with an "acceptable" level of experience with the AT or
  3. It could have been worded better. The comment was intended to be a blanket statement on how I'm getting treated here by quite a few people. I tend to edit posts a lot to make sure the point I'm trying to make is getting across correctly. If you took it that way, it was not my intention to place that blame on you. This thread is 6 pages long, I've been "discussing" with people for days now. It's irritating and I'm seriously considering just leaving it where it stands. I generally have zero interest in arguing with people, hence why you appear to believe that I don't actually care about what oth
  4. I didn't ignore it, I just chose not to comment on it. It was more of a jab at others than you personally. FYI, I addressed it in my previous post to Oyster.
  5. The extra crit chance from stacked focus did actually slip my mind, so I can agree that an adjustment on that could be made. Hidden AS has had a variety of suggestions made for it, I don't know which I would prefer. The bottom line is that I just think it should be more attractive.
  6. I never said you couldn't object or offer suggestions. Very few people in this thread are arguing the merit of my suggestions in favor of whining about a generalized buff, or that it just isn't necessary because reason a or b. If you want to argue the playstyle I suggest isn't necessary, fine, but offer up more than a simple disagreement and elaborate like Oysterhead did. You do nothing to change my opinion if you're not going to give me more than "no".
  7. That was the implication of your comment, whether you know it or not. Ignorance of the argument going on here is your fault, not mine.
  8. I'm sure it's a great build, worthy of being chiseled in stone, but this has little to do with the point I was trying to make in that post. I may try it in the future, though.
  9. So your solution to the problem is no one should be playing Stalker unless they can slot millions worth of influence. Got it. This argument has being going on since practically the start of the thread, and tbqh, it's getting tiring. Not sure why it's so hard for some of you to accept that the changes I offered in my first post aren't game breaking, and, in fact, cater to a playstyle that none of you really have a say in telling me is the incorrect way of playing Stalker. For all intents and purposes, it has zero affect on how you decide to play, but it would have an affect on how p
  10. I'm not asking for people to help me in game, I asked him to tell me what sets he had equipped. The point I intended to make has already been mentioned several times in this thread, though; any AT can be awesome at just about any level if you have a dozen sets thrown in it. This isn't a surprise to me, I just find some aspects of the AT questionable, could use some work and offered my suggestions for that.
  11. I'd ask you what sets you had equipped, but I have this funny feeling you wouldn't actually tell me the truth, so I suppose I'll just take your word for it. 🙂
  12. I made it to mid 40's or more before giving up on all of my Stalkers... basically don't know anything about how incarnates help them out, or how that high level 50 play works for them. I may be wrong, but I think you get a pretty good idea of what you'll be doing for the rest of the game by about that time, and that's usually where I figure out I'm not interested. My current Stalker, KM/Bio, is 48, slotted and may actually make it to 50 this time, but I'm wavering.
  13. I tend to read a lot about an AT before I jump in with a build, and I've read a lot on what people have to stay about a Stalker, I'm simply not wholly convinced. There are valid points, such as older sets not being as good as newer sets, plugging that gap they've had historically, and other things mentioned in this thread. The thing I find most interesting is that I've had more fun with my Martial Arts Stalker than the others I've tried (and despite being one of the more problematic sets with heavy ST focus). Maybe it's a theme thing, or I feel like their attacks pack more of a punch, which ma
  14. That's a pretty bold claim that I'm less inclined to agree with over something like "some experienced stalkers say this". There's simply no way for you, or anyone else for that matter, to know what the entire population of "experienced stalkers" thinks about this without a census and poll at the very least. Forums are not a very good place to use as a reference for "people say this", since a majority of players do not use forums, nor does your personal circle of friends and or comments you see from the random person in global chat. From what we can gather from this thread, from what I've seen
  15. I suppose I do play my Stalker how I think they should play, and maybe I'm just not completely sold on the idea that I should drop/avoid/ignore the one unique aspect of the class that drew me to it in the first place for the sake of being 100% efficient, or simply be like every other AT I can play instead. But again, if we're talking about what a Stalker can potentially do, cool, but why play a Stalker when you can do that same thing on a better, more well-rounded AT? I would just assume play my Blaster for various reasons I stated in my first few posts of this thread. And arguably w
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