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  1. Hi, y'all! I got that bug to put together a theme build based on a character from a mobile game, you know, just to see if I could. I think Staff/Invuln is the right combo, but I'm not really familiar with either set, so I feel like I'm building things awkwardly. Also, I try to build things on the cheap, so, I recognize my numbers aren't going to be as sexy as they could be. I'm good with that. My general questions are: Do I need Body Mastery? Mu Mastery would be a lot more on-point, but I'm not sure I've got enough End Recovery, and, honestly, Zapp and Ball Lightning
  2. I’ve noticed Power Slice and Ablating Slice from Dual Blades fail to animate pretty conistently, earlier today. It was when I was doing TFs, and I had a good number of toggles running. I dunno if either of those are a factor.
  3. @SwitchFade, how important are you finding taking the Body Mastery pool for your ancillary, in terms of end management? I was thinking of going with Soul Mastery instead, to pick up a ranged attack and a defensive cooldown for when Psionic damage rears its ugly head. I planned to put and extra slot into Stamina and Health, and add Numina’s and an extra End Shift to bump those up, but haven’t done that yet. I’m still early in the building process - I have most attacks slotted, but that’s about it - and Endurance issues are hitting me hard. When I’m not exemplared, Energize and Energ
  4. That’s super kind of you! The community has been very welcoming, and I really just did not understand how much I missed this game. I was running Citadel the other day, and someone threw out to gather for AM, and I just started grinning. It’s not the same city I left, once upon a time. Too much has changed since then. But I think that’s letting me love everything it has all the more - I get to see things from a new perspective.
  5. Hey, y’all! How’re things? I had a concept for a character that I kinda dug, but I’m really getting jammed on executing that concept because I just can’t really find costume pieces that’ll help me pull it off. I’m trying for something kinda like a Shinigami captain’s outfit from the manga Bleach. I keep getting stuck on the Haori - kind of a long, open, over-robe, which I recognize is just not something CoX was really designed to handle. I might be willing to just give it up as not really possible, but I thought I’d ask around, first. Currently, I’m using t
  6. Hey, absolutely no worries. You were Johnny-on-the-Spot, and I really appreciate that. Also, like I said, it’s a *really* cool thread. Meknomancer and Kiramon, those builds look pretty sexy and cost effective. I notice that Meknomancer has some ATOs slotted. How big a deal are those for a blaster? Is it like stalkers, where they’re gameplay critical? Or maybe a little more like, “nice, but you can really skip ‘em?”
  7. That was a really interesting guide, and I really appreciate the referral. It was a great thread to read through. Um. It’s also a thread for a Spines/Fire brute. Do the powers and slotting translate to a Fire/Fire blaster well?
  8. So, I was teaming up with some fine folks earlier today. Running Radios in PI, and my Elec/Shield Stalker hit 32. Got my Lightning Rod on - all kinds of woot. And the team had a fire/fire blaster. I'm sure that blaster was IO'd out to the gills, and ya know, had 18 levels on me. But still, the amount of pain they were putting out was silly. I kinda want in. I want to throw down them shiny orange numbers. Or at least give it a try. But, poking around the forums for a quick minute, it looks like the only thing cooler (hotter?) than a Fire/Fire blaster, is slotting it with
  9. I’m all about cheaper, and I think you’ve got a much more natural flow to the pool power progression. So, I kindly thank you for your thoughts and input, and look forward to implementing them!
  10. So, I've fooling around with Mids, a bit, and I've come up with some modifications. I think I'm happy with these, but I'd love a more experienced voice checking my work, or even just bouncing some thoughts. Some of the general benefits of this build: Laser beams are stylish as hell. I will fight you on this; ST Damage looks rock-solid. You should be able to cycle Disintegrate -> Lancer Shot -> Penetrating Ray pretty close to indefinitely; Endurance for days; Perma-hasten (ooooh, yes we did.) Not that it's super necessary, I don't think, but it's still
  11. Hi! Soooo, I just found out about Homecoming a day ago, and I've been all kinds of geeked out since. I loved City of Heroes, once upon a time, and was really kinda crushed when it went away. I'm looking to dive back in and re-live some of that magic, but, um, it's been seven years and I just don't remember things like I used to. I was thinking of trying some of the new hotness, and Beam Rifle and Temporal Manipulation on a blaster seem really, really cool. Thing is, I can't really find much info on what I should be doing, except killing things until they're dead. I did
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