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  1. I forgot about those sweet resist sets so I came up with this. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1462&c=683&a=1366&f=HEX&dc=78DA6593D94F135114C6EFB4536A69A120BB50A02C822CA515D0B8A2B2498484A4C637AD13186092A1D374DA441E7D57015F7CD04814049788CB5FE0FAC7181788185FC7C37CA72D71266D7E33DF39E79E7BBEB933756B24B03D7E7B484865C3BA629A89612399491BBAAEA63D53CABC3623E8F2C69774C3D44C2FDDB7161272B991095DCF9A9A91CC09E1033997B2737391ABDAA29A9852925A2AAB2B19CA14FE69830AC7746D7E2113B4EF275565564D9B0B5AAAD87E8EA7547536900BA5B4E47CFD684A9B898C188B5A52C918E944DCC8EAB4AA9951D34BB
  2. I have never had much luck with controllers. On live I got a Gravity up to low 40's before I abandoned them. On homecoming I got a Dark/Kin up to 50 and fairly well slotted but I find the pet frustrating no matter what I do with it so I have largely abandoned that one. I read some forum posts and thought Illusion/Time would be fun so I have one that dinged 50 last night. I am trying to come up with a reasonable endgame build. My one goal is perma-Phantom Army which by extension means perma-Haste and perma-Chrono Shift. I have messed around in mids and not come up with anything I am even
  3. Wondering if anyone wanted to critique my build. Most of my in game experience is melee types, so I have a hard time focusing my build for ranged types. My goal is to be able to actually drain end to 0 quickly and keep it there while also staying alive long enough to get some XP in the process. I *think* this is fast enough to get perma-dom but I have only read about it and have no practical experience with it in game (yet). I plan on rolling thsi toon tonight or this weekend and I want to have a road map rather than a respec plan for a change. EDIT: I struggle slotting pets in
  4. Thanks for the posts, time to farm!
  5. I have a themed toon (most of them are) Winter Soulstice that I got up to early 40's and parked. Since its getting close to the right time of the year I pulled her out and have leveled up a few more and am now remembering why I parked her. I can't come up with a reasonable 50 build. By reasonable I mean one that doesn't cost all the Influence I have earned, ever. Anyone have a specific build for it, or even some vague recommendations or tips to stringing together a build? I am skipping Oppressive Gloom and Soul Transfer. I originally skipped the ice swords but found I didn't have enough
  6. Kurmitt

    Dual Blades?

    Way back on live my first 50 was a MA/Regen scrapper, the SR nerf happened in my mid 30's but I kept on and enjoyed playing it. On Homecoming I have leveled a Staff/SR and gotten fairly far with him (modeled after my DAoC Monk, nostalgia is a wicked mistress). I also have a Ice/Dark tank approaching 50 and I am trying to find a scrapper to scratch that altitis itch. I have tried Rad/Read and kind of gave up in my mid 20's I just wasn't enjoying it. I rolled and deleted a Katana/Bio and I just can't get into the graphics of bio armor. Maybe not the most reasonable response but it bugs me.
  7. Anyone want to critique or edit my newly 50 Def? I put this together as the bandaid build. No purples, no ATO's, trying to make it cheap enough I can attain it in a reasonable time frame. I have a more ideal build as well but it will take some doing to get enough inf and merits. This my first try at exporting a mids build so if I failed let me know. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1526&c=709&a=1418&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594DD4FD36014C6DBAD13810D36816DC03626888C216513EF8D3A400243A2895E2E15BAD18865E93A2317CA3644FD2F34F1FB42FCF853341ABDF50B50512F143531CE439
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