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  1. @Grouchybeast Perfect! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I[m pretty sure I can get TFs and other big stuff and their appropriate levels from the wiki. Thanks a lot!
  2. We'll be Heroes/Blue. I do like the Praetorian idea. We've never done any of that. That would all be new to us. I'll offer it up as a suggestion.
  3. That's a big help! I'll drop something in their thread. We're not taking it as far as they did, we'll still be using all the ATs and powers, we just want the grouping outside of trials/TFs/etc., and the getting to explore the stories and lore CoH had and has. Thanks a lot! Glad there's some folks that have already tried what we're doing and to an even greater extent, we can look to for advice. Edit: TFs not raids.
  4. Hey All! We're a group of four returning players, and we've had some time to try out the game solo and we've sort of gotten a pretty good idea of the changes and what the game is like from early to mid game, we would like to try a retro/return to the old school group content. So if you're so inclined we'd like to ask for advice on everything you think would help that goal, most importantly how to hit the best story content for a group. This can be contact story arcs or bigger raid stories. We're not going for levelling or farming (in fact we'll be meeting for this only once per week and
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