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  1. Oddly enough, I never thought of Wonderhawk...
  2. Anyone have possible name ideas for a character with inspiration from Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman?
  3. Willing to drop the following names to trade: Aerohawk Isotope-X Jetstreak Miss Magus Lethalle Silver Condor Statique Somnus Black Buzzard Sunguard Miss Magma Silver Condor Nan-Knight Big-Rig Gryph Clever Fox Miss Hysteria PM me if interested In-game handle is @HNBC
  4. Looking for name ideas for a patriotic character. Possibly female. Willing to trade for it.
  5. I also have a name I can lend Ocelette
  6. Curious to ask, but are the names Nosferata and Nanosec available?
  7. I have a bit of interest in the name "Sunguard"
  8. Maybe there can even be a Badge for it. Maybe using names like "Pilgrim" "Thankful" "Puritan", "Stuffed" or "Blessed"?
  9. There was this theory I remember within the MCU about the Infinity Stones. Each to container or vessel would spell out THANOS. The Space Stone - Tesseract = T The Mind Stone - Head (of Vision )= H The Reality Stone - Aether = A The Time Stone - Necklace (Eye of Agamatto) = N The Power Stone - Orb = O and finally The Soul Stone, and the only nonphysical, abstract container: S for Sacrifice Let me know if this makes any sense.
  10. How about this: A psychopomp that has powers of death, life and weed. Able to generate marijuana like symptoms and side effects, such as illusions, can generate their own supernatural aura/high. I dubbed them: The Grim Reefer. Unisex codename. If GR is male, their alias could be Mr. Weid, Mister Buddwell, Mr. Heimann, or Mister E. Furr If GR is female, their alias could be Marie Jane, Miss Potter
  11. I once had a character for CoX that was inspired by various bird themed comic book characters with the codename "Razorwing". He had built himself a suit of sleek power armor, similar to the likes of Vulture and Falcon from Marvel, but had an interest (Or obsession) with stealing valuable items related to birds (Fabergé Eggs, a duplicate statue of the Maltese Falcon, etc) as well as making terrible bird puns. His powersuit's mask also allowed him to control birds through sound. And he was considered a joke in the criminal underworld, never taken seriously (I would have to say his voice actor wo
  12. Are the names Nanosec and Nosferata free?
  13. Claiming the names "Megawoman", "Micro-Man" "Blastfire" and "Quizmaster" Releasing the names "Warp Star" "One-Size", "Firestriker" and "Zenith Man"
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