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  1. Cerulean Legion did this, back in the day. Everyone's powers were derived by absorbing a crystalline shard from the Source Stone. Everyone had different powers, but everyone could fly, and everyone started off with the same costume. Any clothes put on over the costume tended to um... dissolve. By the time you got to a certain level, it was assumed you had enough control over your shard to make it dress you how you wanted, but it was still all shard energy. Some people chafed at the restriction, but they mostly just didn't join or faded out and we were left with a close-knit core of RPers. We did a lot of grouping and TFs, wrote stories, did artwork... It was a great SG.
  2. So this was one of my favorite threads back on Virtue's boards. If you have a cool name you're willing to release, or if you've just released one, post it! Maybe someone has a great concept to go with it. I released Thorns, and I still have Strikedown if anyone wants them.
  3. Seems complete enough to me, at least as a starting point. If anything tragic pops up, like you say this can be amended. I would note one fairly obvious rule that should still probably be written: Keep ooc off the RP channel, and vice versa. ;) Lengthy ooc discussions, even about RP, should stay in the OOC channel so as not to disrupt or derail RP. Also, in addition to ignoring someone, if you feel you must continue an argument, take it to tells. In tells, two people can be as argumentative as they like without disrupting the play of other people. Continuing to carry on a two-person argument in public is an attempt to draw others into your drama, and should be a strict no-no. Keep your personal arguments personal, not public. And hey, I always want to nominate myself! I'm a veteran player, I'm old enough not to have a short fuse, I'm funny, and I work with puppies all day so I'm rarely stressed. I'm off every Sunday and lately have most weeknights free, even some afternoons. Back in the days of yore, I was a guide manager on AOL so I know how to moderate online, I'm tolerant enough not to kick for every small infraction, and diplomatic enough to redirect arguments into something more productive. But mostly I have access to puppies. That's the important thing.
  4. Woot, Cerulean Legion represent! I was Nicky Brody in the Legion, but like all y'all, I had a ton of alts. Mindwitch, Kasdaye, Silver Lily... Ah, good times!
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