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  1. I ran into All-Star today at the natural history museum. She had a gecko crawling over her and she was like "Do you want to learn about geckos?". I didn't answer but she proceeded to give me all kinds of gecko facts and tour me around the museum. Anyway it was a pretty cool experience! Thanks All-Star! 


    - Ace 

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  2. Hey all, 


    Ace is cool and all but does anyone else think he's a bit overrated? I mean Incrediman is just as cool but I don't see any posts about him on this forum SMH. I just think maybe Ace isn't as cool as you guys think. 

  3. Wanted to start a thread about everyone's top Ace ships. I use to be a big Aceccultist fan but now I'm starting to really see the light of InterfACE. What are your guys thoughts? Why? 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Snowdaze said:

    These are really great, I'm curious though, do you normally start from scratch for each or do you have a "base outline" that you use?

    Pretty much my flow is I first create a base version. Usually just white and grey to get a form I'm happy with. Once I have a template I'm happy with I create a new layer to quickly recreate characters I like! 

    The animations are a bit more complicated. Usually I create a really loose version where I just frame out the animations. Once the animation is looking ok in a really basic form I start to go over each frame again to draw the character in. 


    The discord emojis I usually just do from scratch as they're pretty quick. 

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  5. Hey folks, 


    For the last bit I've been doing sprite stuff for my buds. I'm pretty proud of my most recent stuff so I thought I'd do a dump of work I've done. 


    Character Line-ups 










    Animated GIFS






    Discord Emojis



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