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  1. Because I was around 10 years old when I played CoH/V, I never learned how to play the game, I was able to take in how good of an idea it was, never got to learn the technical details and what made the game different until now. Because of this, when CoH/V shut down and got replaced by Champions Online I never really understand why or what the differences were between the 2 games that caused such action from Cryptic. As a result of these decisions from Cryptic, the only Superhero MMORPG from them I ever got to learn and was interested in over the years was Champions Online, I never even had the
  2. This game was replaced with one that only has about 200 active players at a time while this private server has 10,000 people trying to play at once, the fk is wrong with NCsoft.
  3. Having the same issue as OP for Hack (scrapper archetype, broadsword power). There were no issues with Hack until I got the power Slash and used it a few times, then Hack's cool down stayed frozen and is not resetting no matter what I've tried (relogging, zoning, dying). EDIT: After playing another character for a couple of hours my cooldown for Hack was fixed. I'm not sure if switching characters or waiting a long time fixed the issue. After playing for an hour after my Hack cooldown was fixed it never got bugged again.
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