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Suggestion: Base Items & Lighting


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So rather than just make a bunch different lights with different brightness and color, etc.  Why not just make one invisible item that is a point of light, that you can change the color, brightness, etc. all in that one item (like the yellow star below floodlights)?  Then you could just use whatever you want for the graphic for the light source, then customize the color itself.  It would solve a lot of headaches of building, and that would make one item in the builder tools that would work for everything.


Also, floor, ceiling, and wall pieces that match the styles of the room styles so we can build smaller rooms that are the same as the base.  That would be really helpful too.  More doors and door frames so we could actually have doorways that are open and useable.  Right now the only door that is double sided that you can open yourself to leave open is the wooden door,  There are arched doors (mansion doors I think) but no frame to put them in that matches, so they're pretty useless for open doors.

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