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RP EVENT TONIGHT!! Everlasting Server! Joker's Wild!


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It's Friday night! Tonight, Joker's Wild Nightclub and Casino will have a bom moment ensemble as we celebrate the end of September with our very own Masquerade Ball! Come dressed to impress and wearing your mask to take paert in our largest COSTUME CONTEST to date starting at 9pm EST with 150 million Inf going to the winners of best dressed male and and best dressed female. Listen as our own DJ Eros spins the hits and keeps the music flowing all night long! Live dancers take the stage sans vetements are prepared to make your desires rise and your wallets lighten! Come on by and have a good time or la blague est sur toi! ((Base Password: JOKERS-5378. Joker's Wild is a Stripbar/Club/Casino, located in St. Martial.))


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