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RP Event! Everlasting Server, Saturday October 26th


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RP Event!


AFTERHOURS, the night club jewel of Vice City, will be having it's Halloween event on Saturday, October 26th.




Everyone is encouraged to dress up in costume and come to the gala event here at Afterhours, starting at the Witching Hour (MIDNIGHT EST)!  We will be having a costume contest starting at 1 am with multiple categories.  To prevent the contest taking the whole night, all contests will run concurrently, so choose which one you want to enter in advance!  Here are the cateories:


Best Costume Individual (Male & Female)
Best Couple Costume
Best Group Costume (Looking at you Supergroups!)


We also understand that contests are subjective, so don't worry if you don't win!  Throughout the night, the staff will be giving 'on the spot' rewards for people with outstanding costumes.  So interact with people, show off your costume, and you may get your own surprise reward later in the night!


There will be additional things going on as well, but currently this is what we can confirm.  So start working on those costumes!  And get ready to party the night away!


For those that don't know yet, Afterhours is the premier after hours club located just off the waterfront in Vice City.  It has a dark and mysterious vibe inside, and on the roof there are hot tubs, a restaurant, and a stage for live shows!  And a view to a kill!  The restaurant is open day and night, but the dance club doesn't open until Midnight every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  And the party goes until dawn.


We look forward to seeing you all there, all SPOOKY!  


Base Passcode:  VICE-7008

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Also, we have been talking with The Dauntless Reverie regarding their "10th Annual ECHO" event, which they are hosting on the Everlasting server the same night.  Their event starts at 8 pm, so we strongly encourage people to check out their event too earlier in the evening before coming over to the Afterhours party, since we don't even open until Midnight!  More RP with more friends is a GOOD thing!


Check out their post about their event here:  

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Reminder for everyone, this week is going to be amazing for the EVERLASTING night life!


THURSDAY - BLACK FRIDAY is doing their Halloween event/Grand Reopening Part I at 8 pm EST.  Go to the St. Martial Base Portal to get in!

FRIDAY - JOKER'S WILD is having their Halloween event as well, starting at 7 pm EST.  Go get dressed up spooky sexy and dance your clothes off!

SATURDAY - The Dauntless Reverie is having their 10TH ANNUAL ECHO event starting at 8 pm EST!  Talk to Null the Gull in Pocket D to access the spooky Atlas Park to get in!

MORE SATURDAY - AFTERHOURS is having their HallowSCREAM! event.  Costume contests, live DJ, and the best late night party anywhere!  Opens at Midnight EST!


I believe all of them are having costume contests, so make sure to dress to impress!

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Reminder to everyone, today is the day! 


The Dauntless Reverie is having their 10TH ANNUAL ECHO event TONIGHT starting at 8 pm EST!  Talk to Null the Gull in Pocket D to access the spooky Atlas Park to get in!

The HallowSCREAM! event is happening TONIGHT at Afterhours!  Event starts at midnight EST, the costume contest starts at 1 am EST!  We hope to see all of you there looking SPOOKY!  VICE-7008

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