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Please add one thing to Resurgence doc to clear up misunderstanding


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Your Resurgence doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OQ68rHr_BbA9QoHEEx9atG-xZiMFKCiXZVDPQ1JvrKc/mobilebasic#h.ur1miplsqo76) is amazingly clear and complete, except for one little missing piece. 


For those of us who used Tequila before, for Paragon Chat, for example, we used it *once*, and then we had a desktop icon to use to launch PC.  That's what we are expecting. 


You should add to your doc, under the "How do I use the Torchbearer / SCORE test server?" topic, that Tequila is the *Launcher* for Torchbearer, and that the list (SCoRE/Paragon Chat/Titan Icon) in the upper left is not just a splash image, but actually a clickable selection list. 


Two of us that I know about got confused by this.  We didn't understand that you have to run Tequila *every* time you want to launch Torchbearer. 


Other than that...I can't find a single issue with anything *anyone* has done on this project. 


Carry on with your work of near perfection, Heroes.  I salute you all! 



Put your hands in the air

Let me see you out there,

Cause I'm not going to leave you behind.

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