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Vault doors and dirty work

Living Brain 3000

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First let me say that I love the new story arcs in CoH for the vigilante side however I have encountered two things that while minor might irritate other players

1. In the mission to secure the financial records  and break open the vault doors they DO NOT count towards the 10 vault door badge. The badge itself does not state that the doors must be done in a mayhem mission. So with their being 3 of those doors it would take you 4 quick runs of that mission to achieve said badge. However they do not count


2. If you run the arc out of ouro and decide to spare Rider’s life the mission is coded as a fail however will still award the badge for completion of the arc and not the badge for any ouro challenges you may put on IE no travel powers or no enchantments. This would be fine if the coded fail didn’t also give you the badge for sparing his life.


side note there is a grammatical error on the rouge side mission rescue the miller the T in the should be capitalized due to the fact the NPCs name is The Miller. If his name was simply Miller then the should be dropped from said title

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