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Possible Onboard GPU lag fix


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Myself, Living Brain 3000, GM Kal and GM Glyph spent some time trying to help out Mockya (Hailz to Egypt) with Graphics lag. It seems that Mockya has an onboard or integrated graphics driver and was experiencing great amount of lag that made the game unplayable. However, Mockya was able to play other games of higher graphic load in his PC without the lag. This got me thinking that due to the age of COH that there might be a Windows compatibility issue.

My wife was having the same issues on her PC. So, I tried the compatibility troubleshooter on COH and had some success. 




Here's what I did:


  1. Type Compatibility in to the windows search bar next to the Start button.
  2. Select the "Run program made for previous version of Windows"
  3. This brings up a list of programs that the troubleshooter can effect. Select "Not listed"
  4. It will then give you the ability to browse for the file. Go to your COH install folder. Make you select the COH icon that is labled "Homecoming." There are several files that are similar but it is the "Homecoming" file. 
  5. The next screen will pop up. Select "Try recommended settings"
  6. It will a screen that has a "test" on it. Run the test. It will open and then close the program. It is working through the settings. Once is it done. Hit Next.
  7. Next it will give a "Yes, save these settings for this program" option. Select that. 
  8. The next screen will list, "incompatible program      fixed" From there close the troubleshooter.
  9. Run program and see how it works. 


Now, we are thinking that the program might be best served if it is installed on C : drive. If you run this troubleshooter, have installed it other than the C : Drive and are still having problems, try moving the install to the C : Drive. Make sure you make completely delete the other install first. No program does well with 2 installs or partial install that it has to figure out which to read. I am sure that a PC guru will disagree. If so please post a possible fix. I am just a Basement IT guy. 


I was trying to post images for the tutorial put not having luck finding a free image hosting site. Any suggestions with be helpful. 


Now, this is a possible fix with limited testing. IE: 1 PC. Let me know how it goes for you. 





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