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Back from Zukunft:


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Well, it has been a long time.
A terrible long time.
I'm one of this old little monsters that saw the original CoH and the closing really ripped my hearth out. I tried different games but nothing really ever came close.
As the title says I'm from Zukunft, the small little server that survived so long with a close community.
Just found about homecoming yesterday and it's like time has stopped.
As I meet the first people yesterday maybe it's worth a shot 🙂
My Main Char was Army Women (and yes the misspelling made it unique - the misspelling was fixed as she became my first CoV Char as well) but in the last year or so I was most active on my Beam Riffle Tiger Saap who could blind a whole group with his Beam Riffle overcharge.
Probably most famously known for the participation in 3 Hamidon Raids and a weekly Task Force/Strike Force Event each thursday evening (including all Fire Base Zulus)
If there are still some people who remember the good old times I would appreciate a message.
Otherwise looking forward to another 6 years+ of CoH. 

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