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Super Tuesday - one TF a week


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Hello everybody.
I would like to revive an old tradition from my home server.

Are you tired of all the sewers ?
Do you want excitement and different enemy groups each week ?
Are you a badge hunter looking for an easy way to get as much as possible ?
And most importantly, do you enjoy stories ?


I'm aiming for forming a TF hunter Group, we're doing one each week starting by Positron and going to each and everyone until the very end. 
Sign ups will be on a weekly basis so this is not a long commitment.
We are doing the TF, we are doing exploration badges on the way and from time to time you will get stories from 6 years of CoH.
In short tihs is a classic revival, we are not doing this for merrits, not for XP, not for influence. But for the good old times 🙂


The Schedule:

12th Novembre - Positron 1+2 (10-16)
19th Novembre - Synapse (15 -20)
26th Novembre - Penelope Yin (20 - 25)
3th December  - Admiral Sutter (20-40)
10 December - Moonfire (23 - 28)
17 December - Ernesto Hess (25 -30)

24 December - Christmas !
31 December - New Year !
7 January - Citadel (25-30)

After that who knows who long we are playing !
Grow your character in style, defeat the most infamous villains of Paragon City.
Together with a good party.
Optional challenges if you guys are up for it.


Start each evening 7 PM CET in front of the task force contact.
Sign  ups for Positron are now open. 

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