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Mason Institute Grant Program

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Without going into all the details of his background, my "main" Bladesnow here on Reunion includes training other superheroes (and others) as part of his bio / background. Anyone curious enough can read his bio; available either in-game or on the City Info Tracker link in my sig. (lol) As something of an exercise in roleplaying, as well as a way to give back to the community, I am endowing a grant program to be administered openly here on the forum. Initial endowment will be 100 million, and I'll keep the accounting in the first reply here.


Applicants may request up to 20 million influence right here in this thread. Simply post a reply to this thread explaining anything you wish to tell the world about your character and why they deserve this kind of help. Keeping in mind, of course, that whatever tale you spin people can feel free to comment upon or react to. Preferably in character, but I am not hardcore about that. Nor do I promise not to write a story about the Mason Institute's consideration of your application should the inspiration strike me. 


Terms are very simple - I would like you to pay it back if you ever can. I would also request (though this is not a requirement) that you mention getting training, funding, or help from the Mason Institute, or one of the Mason Martial Arts Academies, or the superhero Bladesnow in your bio. (You HAVE written a bio, right?)  And, no, I won't be checking up on this, but I will be pretty tickled if I happen to meet someone who has a mention of help or training from him in their bio. (You DO read other people's bios when you meet them, right?)


If you want to pay back more than you were granted, that will directly increase the endowment. Until the funds are paid back, there will be that much less to help anyone else. If as I expect the fund grows over time from grateful supers "paying it forward", I will quite likely increase the endowment. 


The only penalty for not repaying is that I'll post the character name who received a grant and the date the funds were sent out to them in that "accounting" reply. That entry will remain there for all the world to see until / if the funds are repaid. Another reserved reply will note supers helped by the Fund, and I will tactfully refrain from putting any dates in that one. You simply won't get listed on the Mason Grantees role of honor until you return the funds, if you ever do. 


If others wish to be contributors, probably the simplest way to handle that is to just administer any funds you want to earmark right here in the same style. Or start your own fund named after YOUR character. I would really rather not end up administering other people's influence, other than contributions from grateful supers who "pay it forward". Which says, I guess, that you could be sneaky and apply for a grant, then pay it back immediately with whatever contribution you want to make. Completely circumventing my preference not to take on the responsibility and have to fill out all the required paperwork and all. 


Probably best if you keep global names in a private message, though that's entirely your call. I do not intend to "publish" mine here, though of course anyone I send out a grant to will see one. 

Limiting my already guarded posting both here & discord. Just too toxic for my tastes, & the mods do not seem to care.




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