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[Neutral][1-54]Euryale's Taskforce: The Gorgon Maneuver


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Euryale's Taskforce:

The Gorgon Maneuver

Deep below the earth, an ancient race has slumbered. Now they awaken, and that awakening threatens the spawn of Euryale's sister Stheno. Can you stop the evil that threatens to overwhelm the snakes before it spreads and threatens hero and villain alike?



While I was unable to hunt down the original AE files, I remember enough of this story to have pulled a reasonable adaptation of the original that I built when the mission architect first came out.


This is a very long, story-based arc designed to be playable from 1-54, and the enemy groups were chosen with that in mind: Circle of Thorns, Arachnos, Longbow, and a custom group. These are all groups that scale fairly well all the way through the game and so make good enemies for a level-agnostic arc.


It is NOT an easily solo-able arc, however. It was originally a strikeforce, and so the end bad is an Arch-Villain. It *IS* easier than the original (which also had an elite boss in mission 3).


I hope that this iteration of the arc finds some fans.


One thing I DO still have (YAY) is the graphic that I made to advertise the original, which is included here.



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