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Get Wet at Oasis Saturday Nights!

Cloudless Night

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You were enchanted by the majesty of Black Friday,

You rocked out with your friends at Joker's Wild,

You stayed up late partying at After Hours.

You deserve to relax and enjoy the mysteries of the deep at Oasis!


Hi, Claire Darling here, I'd like to invite you on behalf of the staff at Oasis to see the new renovations we've made at your favorite Saturday Night hot spot.  Some of you might be thinking "Oasis?  Isn't that the flooded mall with like nowhere to park?"  Well, I have great news!  We still have no parking spaces, and we flooded even more!  So pack your swimsuit, find your favorite portal and dial OASIS-3471 and join us tonight for the unveiling, and every Saturday night until we get shut down from 8-Midnight.  Then be sure to keep the party going at Afterhours at midnight if you're still looking for more fun.







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