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Trio Team: A CoH Family Story


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Had the best time last night, after returning home from our Mother's Day brunch for my wife and her mom. Our son, recently graduated from university, was home for the day, and since we now have a laptop that is capable of light gaming (Geforce 1050) in addition to our two gaming desktops, we went on to the newest server (Halcyon) and created three new toons to play from scratch together, as a family. We have NEVER been able to play as a trio before. We only had two comps back then that could game, and 3 subs would have hurt, financially. Not to mention he was only 8 or 9 at the time.


Our son created a cool Spines Tank (forget the secondary), my wife created what turned out to be an amazing Stalker with dual blades, and I did a Beasts/Nature MM, geared more towards support. Was a fantastic time for the three of us, getting to do this for the first time ever.


Hoping that as he is moving to start his new life and career roughly 2+ hours away from us, that we can have a family CoH night a few times a month, now that it's back (for now) and the three of us all have computers that can handle a 15 year old game.


Good times, I wanted to share. 

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