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Build Request: Dark/Elec/Mace


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I have played my Dark/Elec defender to 50, but I got several hefty jumps in level by helpful folks who offered to take me thru some TFs and even some farms, so while I understand all the basics of my power sets, I do NOT have a pro's level of understanding of their synergy. 

I have searched the forums and the old wiki/forums looking for a specific thread on Dark/Elec, but the best I have found is very old advice on Dark/Dark, and some that have other primaries paired with Elec. With that, I  made the build below, and it has worked so far, but I have been getting flat lined a lot lately, now that I am actually going on these 50+ group things.

Can you give me a better build, keeping in mind that I do NOT solo with this character, it is always at least teamed up with a friend or two, or in a full group? My usual behavior is to fly along behind the folks that have a clue what is going on, and then as soon as the tank etc has a pile of folks on him, I drop a Tar Patch on him and then Darkest Night on one of the mobs. I call my pets and then start chain casting Twilight Grasp if it looks like anyone is actually getting hurt (often, they aren't, apparently because everyone I team with is supermegabuffedIncarnateGods who let me tag along like a puppy). 🙂

I have unlocked all 6 of my Incarnate slots, but have not built my Alpha or anything else yet, because I was advised to figure out my build first, then pick the right Incarnates.  I'd really like to be a good team support character, who doesn't end up face down so much. I'll listen to any advice on the build, on the power sets, and on how best to play it in a team, happily. 🙂

Here is what I have at this point:


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