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Easing the gestion of your account & toons


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As some of you, you might have been in need, at a certain point in your progression, of some kind of file to save your datas like your login and password, a listing of your toons and their progress in game. Meaning, this toon has this name, this AT and powers combination, this supergroupe, this slotting, this incarnate tier, these accolades... But also other datas like : can/not launch Katie Hannon TF, has this background/bio, etc...


Particularly usefull for the slotting (putting the IOs to +5 lvl, passing the ATOs to purple via enhancement catalysts, putting your HOs in +2/3 lvl), the incarnate tiers (Alpha, Judgement, Interface, etc...) and the 9 accolades of powers (Heros/Villain), this spreadsheet, which is additional to the use of the game and of the CIT, will have as advantages :

- first to be available either online/offline

- but also to account on only one page the instant situation of all your toons


Practical and simple to use, it's the kind of sheet i've created for my personal needs and for my daily use.

Hoping it can be of use for you too, it is at your disposal through Numbers (on Mac) and Excel (on PC).


Don't hesitate to modify this sheet up to your needs if you ever feel the need, and to give your feedback i you like this small tool :D


Again, i'm no tech, but at least i can help with that ^^


Enjoy guys !


- http://www.k-upload.fr/afficher-fichier-2019-05-13-1fca11306coxdatapubli.xlsx.html

- http://www.k-upload.fr/afficher-fichier-2019-05-13-1a4c50844coxdatapubli.numbers.html

In Game @Strangebird

Discord Strangebird#1125

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