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Making the last few Origin Power Pools


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So! Basically we're 2/5 on Origin Power Pools. Sorcery was thankfully finished before the game closed, and Force of Will has been introduced the the game with the original idea still in tact. So that leaves Experimentation, Utility Belt and Gadgetry.


Now, I have no idea how far along these power pools were in their development, if they're anything like Sorcery and Force of Will they will likely have their own FX and animations hidden somewhere in the game codes, but... in the case that there is nothing to work with, I had a few ideas for how we could jury-rig these powers with existing FX and animations.



Experimentation ExperimentalInjection.png - Experimental Injection: Simple trick to this one; use the Tranq Dart power. The target then gains green glowing veins as seen in bio armor.

Experimentation ToxicDart.png - Toxic Dart: Really easy, we just take the same FX from Immobilizing Dart and many other 'Dart' powers. The target gains a short glowing veins FX.

Experimentation SpeedofSound.pngSpeed of Sound: For this one we use a green glowing vein FX on the legs. Jaunt will then use the same Animation as 'Burst of Speed', but with a flash of green mist alike the Drink Formula costume emote.

Experimentation CorrosiveVial.png - Corrosive Vial: A little trickier; for this I propose we use the animation of many of the 'Grenade' powers, swapping the prop for the chemical vial from the science emotes, and exploding with the same FX as them. The patch left on the ground is a mixture of the effects of Glue Arrow and the Bubbles path aura, both colored green by default.

Experimentation AdrenalBooster.png - Adrenal Booster: Again pretty easy; we take the animation and prop from Bane Spider's 'Serum' power, and give it green glowing veins again.


Utility Belt

UtilityBelt Bolas.png - Bolas: A little tricky, since I don't think a 'Bolas' projectile exists, but I imagine it using the animation of 'Shuriken' with a chain-like effect wrapping around the target's legs.

UtilityBelt PoisonedDagger.png - Poisoned Dagger: Easy peasy, loads of enemies have a throwing dagger attack, we use that and add a little 'poison splash' effect from the poison powerset.

UtilityBelt Freerunning.png - Freerunning: Not too hard, we take the running/jumping animations of Ninja Run and add a faint willpower style aura to the legs. Athletics only makes this aura brighter.

UtilityBelt FlyingStrike.png - Flying Strike: This could easily use the Spring Attack animation, but with an aura from willpower.

UtilityBelt LifeSupportSystem.png - Life Support System: A little harder this time; we take the animation from 'Detonator', but give it the FX of 'Reconstruction' from Stalker Willpower.



Gadgetry NanoNet.png - Nano Net: For this, I think we could take the Animation and FX from the Praetorian PD's 'Force Netting' power.

Gadgetry WristBlaster.png - Blaster Drone: Again, maybe we use the Praetorian PD for their 'Force Bolts' power.

Gadgetry Jetpack.png - Jetpack: I think an idea that works best for this is having a propulsion style FX rigged to the player's back, rather than placing a physical jetpack prop onto them.

Gadgetry BlasterBarrage.png - Drone Barrage: The 'Force Burst' power that the Praetorian PD looks like it could make for an ideal cone attack.

Gadgetry ForceBarrier.png - Force Barrier: Again with Praetorian PD! The target hold/sleep FX from 'Force Cage' could double up to be a nice personal aura for this power.

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